Do Nick Bosa's beliefs matter to you?

  • Selling Sanctuary - 2 years ago

    Turnabout is fair play. Let this be a lesson to you all that the Niners, and any other NFL team only care about the bottom line. They will look the other way to suit their needs, just like they did with that nameless backup kneeling quarterback with an identity crisis.

  • Richard - 2 years ago

    People keep confusing the issue. It is not that he called Keap a clown, who a lot of people respect. It is all the other accounts and content he was linked to. The thing the 49ers failed to understand is how all the other content makes people see his character. They picked him and those upset don't have power on anything. But calling Keap a name is not the issue people are really upset about

  • Allen Jones - 2 years ago

    Black people are not stupid. The 49ers have Colin Kaepernick's contact information. If Nick Bosa really was sorry how difficult can it be to call Colin Kaepernick and tell him, not the media that he is sorry? Wake up, people! A real apology has power.

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