Duncan Jones' Comic Art Commission Doodaa! Let us know your 3 favourite comic artists, top three will be contacted to work on a very special commission. (Poll Closed)


  • Maddie - 2 years ago

    Emma Vieceli!!! Idk anyone else on the list sadly, but she is amazing. Her stories are so captivating.

  • Simon - 2 years ago

    Al is a fantastic artist and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

  • Doo Diddy Doo Waaahhhhhhh - 2 years ago

    I picked three of my favourites...

    Colleen Doran
    Fiona Staples
    Bilquis Evely

  • Nevs Coleman - 2 years ago

    Would have liked to have seen Adam Warren, Eric Powell, Brandon Graham or Steve Mannion in there but if this can get new art from Mark Chiallero out, good luck to you

  • Stu Berryhill - 2 years ago

    Good luck to all the artists

  • Jessica - 2 years ago

    Colleen and Dave McKean

  • Chuck Wojtkiewicz - 2 years ago

    No Michael Golden?!! No Adam Hughes?? NO MIKE MIGNOLA?!!!!

  • Julie Arbuckle - 2 years ago

    Marcus Hislop, hands down one of the hardest working, most talented artists around.

  • Luce - 2 years ago

    Angle, so talented, I love your work

  • Andrew Rivera - 2 years ago

    I love Andre's work and he is such a good guy. Would love to see him work on this.

  • Ricardo Gaspar - 2 years ago


  • Ana Laureano - 2 years ago

    Andre Lima Araújo is a truly gifted artist...! He is as humble as his work is brilliant!

  • Mo Scott - 2 years ago

    Marcus's work is stunning .. visible energy in every stroke ..!

  • Elisabeth - 2 years ago

    André Lima Araújo !!

  • Chris Ware - 2 years ago

    No Todd McFalane, Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Carlos Pacheco...

  • RobTheButcher - 2 years ago

    Go Andre!

    Kinda Funny represent! Shirtless Spiderman!!!!!

  • Auguste raynal - 2 years ago

    Marcus hislop has to one of the finest superhero artists and needs to be in the top 3.

  • Gary Spencer Millidge - 2 years ago

    Impossible choice!

  • Adam - 2 years ago

    No Stjepan Sejic? Poll is rigged.

  • Karen Green - 2 years ago

    You’ve misspelled Bill Sienkiewicz’s last name. I mean, I’m sure he’s used to it, but it would be nice to get it right.

  • sheila graber - 2 years ago

    I have known Al Davison's work for over 30 years , he is hugely stylish, original, dedicated, a bit mad (essential in a comic artist)and has a unique sense of character and place when it comes to designing. He is simply - The Best.

  • Mark Tweedale - 2 years ago

    I'd love to see Tonci Zonjic do one of these pages. He's got an excellent eye for industialised science fiction.

  • Daley - 2 years ago


  • Julie Faith - 2 years ago

    Alex Storer is a very talented artist. Good luck.

  • Kathleen Quinn - 2 years ago

    Chris is an amazing artist.

  • Sabrina - 2 years ago

    greg miller is a cheater ;)

  • ken meyer jr - 2 years ago

    oops, forgot to vote!

  • ken meyer jr - 2 years ago

    Man...it would have been such an honor to have been on this list, but I see many friends who will be awesome.

  • Coco - 2 years ago

    Y vote goes to Angle who created the beautiful webtoon, Devil is a Handsome man!!!!

  • Liz Babkin - 2 years ago

    Angle is INCREDIBLE and I would highly recommend them!! Holy cow!!! Not only because The Devil Is A Handsome Man is one of the most gorgeous comics I've ever read, but on top of the comic they manage to create an incredible amount of art for their fans and are constantly pushing themselves to create the best content they can. On top of their work ethic, they have one of the loveliest hearts I've ever seen - I've been one of their patreon subscribers for 6 months and there is such a kind, incredible human on the other side of the screen that I would without question offer to do them any favor if they asked for it. Please consider them for this opportunity because I think they'd be an incredible fit!!!!

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    André Lima Araújo Co-Creator of Shirtless Spider-Man and Kinda Funny Best Friend Needs to win!

  • Matt - 2 years ago


  • marvinstout@gmail.com - 2 years ago

    The absolute best.

  • Karen edgington - 2 years ago

    Chris Imber. Amazing talent with new,fresh ideas

  • EdyTKing - 2 years ago

    Kinda Funny!!! Kinda Funny!!! Let the KFBFs unite.

  • Karen edgington - 2 years ago

    Chris Inner. Amazing talent with new,fresh ideas

  • Alan McCullough - 2 years ago

    Kinda funny!!

  • Alfonso - 2 years ago

    Best friends unite

  • Stefan Blitz - 2 years ago

    Where's Howard Chaykin?

  • Ashley Beeching - 2 years ago

    Pretty much any 2000AD artists get my vote!

  • Jason Copland - 2 years ago

    A surprise and an honour to be on this list of fantastic artist! I don’t have a hope in hell but it was an amazing feeling to be on the list. Thank you to that person that placed me on it.

  • Alexander - 2 years ago

    Glad to see my favorite on the list- Bill Sienkiewicz!
    I would love to see both Brandon Graham (King City) and Sam Kieth (The Maxx) on the list as well.

  • Paula Mcdougall - 2 years ago

    Fantastic artist

  • Dana Cantero - 2 years ago


  • Xavier Catafal - 2 years ago

    I voted for Cels Piñol. Who else?

  • Stephen E Clark - 2 years ago

    Hello! Just want D to drop some love for Tradd Moore and Daniel Warren-Johnson in here! Fantastic artists with amazing vision!

  • Kylie - 2 years ago

    GO ANGLE!!!!

  • Gérard M - 2 years ago

    Fantastic artist.

  • Mark Estlea - 2 years ago

    I voted Greg Staples, David Roach and Henry Flint for 3 very different styles

  • SillyBobBob - 2 years ago

    Angle is the way to go! Amazing artist!


  • Ed Doyle - 2 years ago

    I voted for Lyndon Webb, Jim Murray and Greg Staples.

  • Pauline Jey - 2 years ago

    Chris Wildgoose, excellent artist.

  • Tony - 2 years ago

    No Jason Pearson?! Art Adams? or Jorge Jimenez?

  • Emma Hart - 2 years ago

    Good luck Alex Storer

  • Chris Jones - 2 years ago

    No Enki Bilal or Philippe Druillet? Merde, alors...

  • Mus - 2 years ago

    Where are Chris Skinner? Matt Ferguson? Tyler Stout etc.

  • Wakefield Morys-Carter - 2 years ago

    Current leaders: Angle, Colleen Doran, Bill Sienciewicz and Chris Johnson
    Top 2000 AD artists: Frank Quitely, Brian Bolland, Simon Bisley and Staz Johnson

    My choices Brian Bolland at 12, Chris Weston at 43 and Greg Staples (who in my book has got better and better over time) at 104.

  • Gemma Bond - 2 years ago

    Love Chris’s work!

  • Leeann - 2 years ago

    Good luck

  • Mikey - 2 years ago

    Where's 2000AD's/Mad Max Fury Roads MARK SEXTON?

  • Derek - 2 years ago

    No Mike Grell, Howard Chaykin?

  • Lyndon Webb - 2 years ago

    Vote for me, I'm an up and comer

  • Tom Currie - 2 years ago

    Glynn will do a lovely job on this!

  • Harriet Parry - 2 years ago

    Glyn Dillon!

  • Ryan - 2 years ago

    Nick Percival!!

  • Bobby FLEMMONS - 2 years ago

    Hellothisisangle aka Angle is an amazing and prolific artist!

  • Barbara Michel - 2 years ago

    Chris is an amazing cartoonist. He has worked so hard for so many years to be where he is now. Please vote for him and also pick him. Thank you.

  • Dhara Norin - 2 years ago

    David Mack!!

  • Tracy Raber - 2 years ago

    Great work Alex Storer

  • Jayne - 2 years ago

    Rob Sheridan All the Way! Former Art Director for NIN for Years.. #RobSheridan @robsheridan #stan

  • Nancy Morris - 2 years ago

    Glen Fabry,all the way!
    Love his work x

  • Shandy - 2 years ago

    I voted for Marcus Hislop
    Amazingly talented and a decent human

  • Danette Wyland - 2 years ago

    I have been a fan of Chris Johnson’s artwork for about 35 years. He has been drawing his whole life and continues to surprise me each drawing he puts his best talent in!!! He’s amazing!

  • Glyn Dillon - 2 years ago

    Tonci Zonjic is missing too

  • Nathan Milner - 2 years ago

    Moon was great!

  • Allison - 2 years ago

    Colleen Doran rocks.

  • Hope - 2 years ago


  • Olive - 2 years ago

    I’m here for Angle!! I read their comic, The Devil is a Handsome Man, and the art is absolutely refreshing. Entirely unique character designs and impactful use of color. Good luck!

  • Christopher Thompson - 2 years ago

    Daniel Warren Johnson would give a very dynamic look and I'd love to see what Staz could do.

  • Caryl Flemmons - 2 years ago

    Angle is a very talented up + coming young artist! thrilled she’s here ????

  • Kate - 2 years ago

    This list is...totally random. You have Lorena Alvarez but no Katie O’Neill. Bill Messner-Loebs but no Dave Sim. And no write-in option. I wouldn’t have bothered if Colleen Doran hadn’t asked us to vote. PS: it’s “your”, not “you’re”.

  • Suzie Hanna - 2 years ago

    Gareth Sleightholme is a genius.

  • Glyn Dillon - 2 years ago

    How come there’s no Calum Alexander Watt?

  • Ann Farish - 2 years ago

    Would love to see Coleen Dorans’ art included. But so many great artists the decision wasn’t an easy one.

  • Linda - 2 years ago


  • George - 2 years ago

    Marcus has done work for me before, including a very special commission, more than deserving

  • Jason Cobley - 2 years ago

    PJ Holden, Staz Johnson and Warwick Johnson Cadwell of course!!!

  • DI CONDREN - 2 years ago

    Naturally talented and very humble artist. He deserves to 'fly'!

  • Suze Green - 2 years ago

    Chris is an amazing artist. I’ve been a fan of his for years!

  • PersistantRogueTrooperguy - 2 years ago

    This should be interesting...

  • Matt Harris - 2 years ago

    Go Chris Imber!

  • D. A. Campisi - 2 years ago

    I voted for Chris Johnson. He is fantastic.

  • Danielle - 2 years ago

    Andy rocks!! I hope he gets picked

  • giusy marseno - 2 years ago

    Ho votato Jones mi piace il nome

  • Michael Holzinger - 2 years ago

    Alex Storer gets my #1 vote...all around multi-skilled outstanding artist.

  • Robbie - 2 years ago


  • Eliot - 2 years ago

    I think (if possible) maybe adding Christian Ward would be a worthy addition, perhaps? Not along out of entitlement or expectation, just think it might be a good addition, is all.

  • Jenna Morris - 2 years ago

    Smash it Chris

  • Rob Lunn - 2 years ago

    Chris has a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you. He is a great artist. The best in his field.

  • Andy Pegman - 2 years ago

    Go on Chris !mber.

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