Will Adam be an imposter?


  • Missy, - 4 years ago

    Kyle w Summer all the way bad things happen to Lola. time for her to boot. Summer carrying Kyle's baby, Billy w Victoria all the way. bring the real Adam,

  • Rebecca Davis - 4 years ago

    Well Nick and Sharon don't need to get back together, because iam tired of Them being together, each of them need new people let Rebecca come back for Nick, and let Sharon go to Jack..Please let Devon have a love life with the new lady, And can you all please send me a Y & R -Tee Shirt -3x and a coffee mug. Rebecca Davis -P. O. Box-435-Garyville L. A. -70051

  • Nancy - 4 years ago

    I think this may be an imposter. This NuAdam is too young. Maybe this is why, that he is not Adam.

  • Phyllis Pfitz - 4 years ago

    I am thrilled Adam is returning. Just loved his part only wish Chelsea was with him. Oh! Yes I believe this is really Adam. Victor is much to smart too be fooled..

  • Peggy U GRANDEY - 4 years ago

    I think it will not be an imposter. Probably Victor has been caring for him for a long time. I realize it cannot be the Adam we all want...(either of them), but let it be someone really good...lots of charisma, etc. Wish the real Chelsea would return. Hopefully, Jason will continue to be Billy. I love Jason...he has mad the "Billy part" his very own, and we all like him. So happy Paul is back.....I never felt that part of him being gone was a good move...did not accomplish a thing. He did not deserve that at all. He is a mainstay, for sure.
    So glad the two Rosales are gone...good move there.
    Will be happy to see M. Stafford...she is good...but then I liked Gina, too...but oh, well.

  • Linda colston - 4 years ago

    I dont think he will, cause they never found his body..maybe he was hurt and some one found him(again) and nursed him back to health. Maybe it has been Victor taking care of him all this time. I like adam let it be the real adam and not a fake. Let him and Victor run Newman I tired of Victoria let her and Billy get together and live happily if Victory let them.

  • mary gue - 4 years ago

    would like sharon and nick back together . also i do not want to see summer doing bad things to lola . spoiled brat.

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