Do you want to see Jussie get his job back?

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Poll posted 6 months ago.


  • Monique - 5 months ago

    I hope for Jussie’s sake they don’t let him back onto that hellacious show. I think this is part of an exit strategy for the entire contract including the music end. They essentially control when he can release his own original music.

  • Alicia - 5 months ago

    I don't really fuck with JayZ but I fucks with that freestyle. As a southern black woman I never really related to him or his music much but I love the part where he would rather have a wife to bounce those ideas off at night.

    Love Y'all :)

  • Pia - 5 months ago

    I do not care if JS keeps or loses his gig.

    Also, I'm confused by folks who rail against Jay Z's gentrification rap but also talk abt how we need Black owned xyz. Make it make sense. They also romanticize abt Black Wall street. Combat Jack (RIP) talked abt buying property in his old neighborhood for that very reason. I am tired!

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