Which of Diana Gabaldon's books are you currently reading or listening to? (Poll Closed)
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  • Jacqui - 1 year ago

    I am currently listening to Fiery Cross, Davina Porter is amazing. I am also rereading Written in my Hearts Own Blood after just finishing Echo. I keep it in my car and read while waiting for my kids to get out of school at the end of the day.

  • Maria Dyson - 1 year ago

    Reading The Fiery Cross as I'm into my 4th reading of the books. Hoping to time this reading to correspond with The Bees.

  • Sari - 1 year ago

    I read the big books for umpteenth time during the winter and realised the release of the 9th is still far away. So I'll reread the LJG books now, then perhaps rewatch the show and read MOBY once again just before the Bees comes out. As you see, I'm obsessed with the DG world.

  • Narelle - 1 year ago

    Starting over...again. A wonderful escape from life's realities
    when needed. My " home away from home".
    Blessings Diana. Truly.

  • Catharine Goodwin - 1 year ago

    Started watching show last summer and read 1st 4 books Dec/Jan and then the Scottish Prisoner. Now reading Brotherhood of the Blade. Killing me not to read the next four but promised myself I would read each book after the tv season is over. Depending how long Droughtlander is I may cave! A lifelong reader, DG's books have become some of my very favourite. You don't need standing stones to be transported back in time, just start reading her books and you are there.

  • Janice - 1 year ago

    Reading Outlander for the umpteenth time! I'll work my way through the series in preparation of the new book. I am really looking forward to it!

  • Harriet Weatherford - 1 year ago

    My enjoyment of living along with Clare and Jamie but through the STARZ production and S Heughans’s fitness program , she is unwittingly responsible for my improved health and over all happiness. ????

  • Harriet Weatherford - 1 year ago

    After reading the Outlander Books 17 times and the Lord John books as well I thought I’d try audible and am up to Breath of Snow and Ashes. I’ve found it a nice diversion while at the gym. Diana not only is responsible for

  • Nancy Murphy - 1 year ago

    I am laid up after having my Achilles surgically repaired so while reading Voyager now I assure you I will read all of the, yet again, before I get back too work!

  • Robyn - 1 year ago

    First read all 9 on my iPad now I am reading them all again in bought hardcover books. Nothing beats the smell of a good book.

  • T Kovacs - 1 year ago

    I’ve read all of Diana’s works. I love historical fiction as it’s my favorite genre. Thank you Diana Gabaldon for your fantastic literary stories. I have enjoyed reading each and every one many times. Love your characters-such depth, sensuality, love and danger so wonderfully portrayed in each novel

  • Marli Lopes de Assunção - 1 year ago

    I've read all the big books twice, once both The Outlandish Companion. I´ve read once Lord John's books, but not in the correct chronological order. Now, I am rereading in that order. That's why I'm reading now The Scottish Prisioner. I'll not forget to reread the others (Virgins, The Space Between, A Leaf... ) Not bad for someone that discovered Outlander only two and half years ago.

  • Jeanette - 1 year ago

    I've lost track of the number of times I read the entire series. Since they started the show, I've been reading them on repeat. I have all the books, most in hardcover, as well as on my Kobo. I also have two of them signed by Diana. They are my absolute favorite books.

  • Kay Willardson - 1 year ago

    I have read the Outlander series 14 times. I am now starting over with book 1. I'm looking forward to reading book 9 and hope I live long enough to read book 10__if that will be the last one. I'm 75 years old and love the genius, creativity, imagination of Diana, the history she has incorporated in her books, and the genuine love story that she created. Thank you!

  • Monique - 1 year ago

    Never thought I would read and finish a book of 1000 pages let alone 5 of the same length. Never felt like a mission to read, was drawn in from the start and can’t wait to finish each one - just wish the books were lighter in weight ???????? but then again nothing like reading and having an arm workout at the same time! Love the books and am loving the screen adaptation. Diana Gabaldon is a captivating author and is gifted in telling her story! Her characters are ‘human’ and not just book characters.

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