Should Summer forget about men for a while?


  • missy - 4 years ago

    go Kummer all the way,

  • Ms J - 4 years ago

    Love that Kyle and Lola are together again. They feel realistic as a young couple in love.

    Disappointed the writers are so lacking in ideas and obviously talent that they just turned the stpuid Summer thing back around! Seriously how lame, lazy and unimaginative what a load of rubbish. I wanted to throw something at my TV when here we go again with Summer and the trip to New York with Kyle, give us fans and viewers some credit and write something new for once! Talk about money for old rope!

  • Bev - 4 years ago

    She doesn't do so well with the opposite sex maybe she should try same sex ??????????????????? I think Mariah, and her ought to give it a go ????????????

  • Dee - 4 years ago

    Make her a business superstar and a man eater

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