Would you support paying additional property taxes if directed toward renewing your municipal infrastructure for buildings, roads, water and sewers

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Posted 3 months.


  • Tom - 4 weeks ago

    I think local governments should focus on their core mandate - city infrastructure rather than taking down statues, making life difficult for downtown businesses, poets in residence, protected bike lanes, free transit, etc., etc., etc. I don't think we should pay more taxes to do this, just scale back from trying to achieve the last 10% (nice to have territory) to ensuring that the core 80% (using the Pareto principle) is achieved as fully and efficiently as possible.

  • Richard - 1 month ago

    I live in Saanich. I have resided here for 34 years. The property taxes have continually increased, often well above inflation rates. Saanich taxes home owners far too much. Reign in the excessive increases, reign in the far too high compensation to council and mayor. Reign in the overly generous contracts signed by the public sector unions. Lay off excessive numbers of workers. Council needs to concentrate on basic services to citizens. Far too much waste on unneeded programs, unrealistic ideas that are the special favourites of councillors riding their own opinions above what the public wants. Tax payers aren’t stupid. They all see these unneeded programs. Councillors seem to feel they know what’s best for everyone. They don’t. Do their jobs stick to needed and affordable services. Cut out all the extras. This is the way to operate. If a business did these things it would go broke, which is what the council has done. Oh of course, excuse bad management, just increase taxes!!!

  • Laurie Kennedy - 1 month ago

    As long as renewing or upgrading existing amenities not adding new bike lanes on major arteries

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