Should Ontario raise the speed limit on 400-series highways to 120 km/h?

  • Chris Gallagher - 1 year ago

    Very simple. What causes most accidents? Speed variance. When 1 car is traveling 120K and another 90, you have more chances of an accident. They raised the limits in BC and from what I heard it worked great bringing down accidents. That being said the police and government need to continue to charge distracted drivers and trucking companies who abuse our roads with un-certified or under trained drivers.

  • John Mc. - 1 year ago

    I agree with Stu that an increase of the speed limit, in only the low volume areas such as between the major cities/towns on the 401 route; however, do we really think that those morons that are just plain aggressive and stupid people will obey the new limit. NOT A CHANCE. People like that will forever be aggressive and dangerous on the road, regardless of the speed limit as they constantly have to be the Dude in the car that does not have to obey the laws and I bet will drive anywhere from 20 to 40 or 50 kmph above the posted limit. These clowns do not only drive at excessive speeds, but they also do extremely dangerous lane changes, such as cutting in extremely close to the vehicle that the driver just passed, such as transport trucks, and do not ever use their signals. These idiots know the rules/laws of the road, they did pass their drivers' test when they first obtained their Drivers' Licence. Unfortunately regardless of how many times these idiots are charged and made to take a course to learn the rules/laws of the road; THEY WILL NEVER OBEY THE LAW !!! Oh heck, how many of these idiots are even driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs? Some people say that the 400 series highways will need to be Policed more with more severe charges, but the thing is that how many of these drivers obey the posted speed limit, even after being charged with a speeding ticket? Well, I could guess that very, very few would ever change their driving habits, simply because they get a thrill or maybe some kind of sick pleasure out of being the Big Guy/Girl behind the wheel of their sports or luxury car, or pickup truck or what ever type of vehicle gives them that extreme pleasure of thinking that they are more powerful than anyone else on the road. If anything, those dangerous idiots on the road should, when caught, have their Drivers' Licence taken away for the rest of their lives and pay towards a fund that helps to support the individuals and families of those who have lost a loved one, or someone living with life long injuries, because of someone who was speeding and aggressively driving which caused a Car Crash (I do not like to call these Accidents), as this is no accident when it comes to dangerous drivers, it is intentional aggression towards others, and they must be punished.
    Thank you for reading my Rant,
    John Mc

  • Stu - 1 year ago

    It's possible to drive 120+ and not risk anyone's life. Just like most things, there are idiots who can't make responsible decisions, or respect other lives.
    The drive to Montreal or Toronto is brutal, I would appreciate shortening the long drive by speeding up in areas when there's no/low traffic.

  • Bartlomiej W - 1 year ago

    120km/h should be the norm on 400 series highways. What the province ought to do is police drivers that do not understand the rules of the road, lack etiquette and common sense. If the speed limit is raised the OPP should ticket or educate left lane hogs and people that do not indicate to inform others around them of their intention to move into a different lane or pass a car. etc etc.

    If you look at the European highways, mainly Germany, they've figured it out a long time ago and the people have also learned how to drive and be considerate of others around them. Education and proper policing keeps roads safe.

    I commute on the 401 daily and see 120km/h as a good happy medium speed. But we need to Police distracted driving and the aforementioned "left lane hogs".

    Stay Alert!

  • Tom Madge - 1 year ago

    If the speed limit was to increase, so do the fines for going over said limit

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