How would you react to your software vendor announcing a focus on boosting profits, including reorganizing and cutting products and headcount? (Poll Closed)

  • I would react positively
    13 votes

  • I would be indifferent as long as my organization doesn't see changes for the worse
    97 votes

  • I would react negatively
    197 votes



  • Angus - 6 months ago

    I would say: "Welcome to Ascension!"

  • Smartfood99 - 6 months ago

    I was curious as to how anybody could see this as a positive but perhaps there are a dozen or so smarter people out there who invested in Cerner stock as a hedge.

  • Les V. Fewer - 6 months ago

    If the vendor is publicly traded or backed by an aggressive VC, then boosting profits, including reorganizing and cutting products and headcount, should be expected at some point. It is best to perform the vendor selection and contract writing with that in mind.

  • Robert D. Lafsky M.D. - 6 months ago

    I would complain that now they were going to have fewer staffers busy correcting all the obvious and glaring design and programming errors in their software. Oh, wait.....

  • Guy McAllister - 6 months ago

    The intent is for the customer to see higher service costs and reduced service levels but remain a loyal customer.

  • Herschell Wilson - 6 months ago

    You can not balance you books on the back of the people

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