Which of These Therapies Have You Tried?

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Posted 4 months.


  • Tim - 2 days ago

    The poll is great to see across many people. An even more valuable version would be the same selections, but which have been effective for people.

  • Marty - 2 months ago

    Marijuana has never helped my migraines. I recently tried the oxygen treatment. The claim that it does no harm is incorrect. Not only did I have daily migraines during the treatments, the migraines didn't stop for about a week afterwards. Also, I had some absolutely strange pain in my gums, and I had just had a dentist checkup, my teeth are fine. A few days after I stopped the oxygen treatment, my gums stopped hurting. Then I found a masseuse who really knows about migraines, and I had two full days of no migraines and plenty of energy. I will continue the massages.

  • Laurie Custidero - 3 months ago

    I have found that medical marijuana provides the most complete and longest lasting relief obtainable and that includes the relief I receive from both opioid and non-opioid medications. Unfortunately, it is not legal in the state in which I reside wish for me and many chronic pain patients is simply cruel and unusual punishment.

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