Do You Prefer Offical Comics Over Fan Comics?

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Posted 2 months.


  • Mares Fillies - 2 months ago

    The official comics have it's place in the whole MLP lore. I've always thought of them as optional canon and only when the show contradicts a said comic that's when the comic is no longer relevant.

    As for fandom comics, it's a no brainer that they'd be better because the fandom has no age restriction. XD

  • Atchmon - 2 months ago

    The Official comics are great in their own right, and so are Fan Comics. The Official comics can be a bit hit or miss. I only ever buy the Omnibus so that I can get all the comics at once at a low price. The last one i got (Omnibus 4) wasn't all that impressive compared to the others. Seeing the Mane6 turn into corrupted/evil versions of themselves was really entertaining, but the rest of them weren't that good. It's mostly Slice of Life, which again could be hit or miss depending on the level of emotion and subject they're about.

  • Bryce Kanyon - 2 months ago

    I wish I could offer some valid opinions about the comics. But given that I've never really read 'any' of the comics, I can't really pick and choose as to which I'd prefer. So I had no choice but to choose the 'neither' option.

  • Johnny Charneca - 2 months ago

    You should have added a fourth option: "I like both". :)

    The official comics are awesome, but I've read fan comics that are just as awesome as the official ones.

  • Knightmare - 2 months ago

    It had to have this option:
    I like both :D

  • Joshua Moudy - 2 months ago

    I would've chosen both, but since that option's not available, I decided to go with the "official comics" option. Call them non-canon all you want, but there are plenty of times when those were good. E.G., Nightmare Knights and/or that one Halloween comic starring the Student Six.

  • Anon-ononsha - 2 months ago

    Kinda vague, but if we are talking long-form stuff? Tend to go with the official comics.

    Questionable quality of the writing due to compromises aside, I generally find the official comics fun enough, with some issues and ideas I'm still miffed the show retconned. Art's consistently on point (screw you, I like Fogsit's style, backgrounds not withstanding...) with plenty of variety, Andy Price being the king among them with his splash pages, offering, if nothing else, the chance to see our girls more animated than ever before. Add on the relative room to experiment with the low commitment and cost of a comic, coupled with two consistent monthly issues, and I'm still fairly happy with them.

    Most fan comics that try anything overly long-form tend to get majorly bogged down by the same issues as most web comics: no consistent upload schedule, single-page uploads leading to general dissatisfaction and lack of proper pacing/composition, lack of editing, commitment to one idea/course leaves little room to incorporate feedback/changes naturally, no confirmation of conclusion, etc.

    Now short term, single page stuff? Yeah, the fans have that locked down naturally, even if I prefer seeing the official artists make small fun pieces more, especially from Andy Price.

  • Stephen John Goldthorp - 2 months ago

    Both. :D

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