How do you think health-care services in Winnipeg compare to a year ago?

  • Plato - 2 years ago

    Bamm Bamm You're like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, put down the beer, get a job and earn your keep. Don't be afraid to get up early, you do every weekend in the park after a blackout.

  • Bamm Bamm - 2 years ago

    @Socrates - Notice how all the PC voters click “better” and line up for their tax rebate.

    Then when they need health care they want to go to the front of the line because they believe they are more deserving than everyone else. They usually state they pay more taxes than everyone else, but never provide any proof.

    And, you are okay with it, until someone with more political clout bumps you out of your spot. Again, these people see themselves as being more deserving of receiving immediate healthcare than you as they state that they pay more taxes than you. Again, unproven.

    And, after you lose your spot, it is not uncommon for people like yourself to lean over to the NDP’er and state “do you think that is fair?” And the NDP’er leans over, and states “You we’re okay with it a minute ago. What changed?”

  • Socrates - 2 years ago

    Notice how all the NDP voters check worse, yet still line up for their welfare check

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