Will Thomas marry Hope Eventually?

  • jake Dumas - 11 months ago

    and i think that Thomas and hope belongs together and get wedding vows renewed and raise Douglas together and steffy will have full custody of phoebe and give phoebe a sister again that is Kelly and Liam and steffy belongs together and raise Kelly and phoebe and temporally Douglas and so that Thomas can get stable and redeemed and forgiving and Thomas makes hope happier but for right now Brooke’s hatred towards Thomas and steffy is getting out of control and Brooke needs to let the past go and stop bossing hope and steffy and Liam and stop interfering in her daughter’s love life and quit blaming Thomas and Brooke is always wrong about Thomas and because Thomas ain’t her son and Thomas is ridge’s son and and ridge is always right about Thomas and bill and Brooke is to stubborn to hear the real truth about bill and what bill did and Brooke never listen to ridge and Taylor and Taylor is right about bill and his shooter is Sheila because Sheila is the one with a gun and Liam and Taylor didn’t know what is going on and plus Liam and Taylor ain’t violent just Sheila and Quinn and bill is very violent and bill needs to focus on his life because Sheila is the crazy and insane person because Sheila had tried to kill Quinn and did terrible things way back ago too

  • karen - 2 years ago

    What difference does it make what we vote on the pole the writers do what they want anyway

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