If a bartender overserves a mass shooter should they be punished?

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 1 year ago

    I'm a librarian. I sit behind the desk to serve the public. I am in a prone position. If someone comes in and is threatening, I'm going to fucking accommodate him until he leaves and then I'll call the cops or whatever. And straight up, not to come off as too racist, but white guys are out here fucking tripping. What is the bartender supposed to do? Play the odds and cut off every white man between the ages of 21-65 that has more than one drink. GTFOH with that bullshit.

  • Really Dark Knight - 1 year ago

    That cat was spinning a knife on the bar according to that story.
    A. KNIFE! How did the police miss that part of the story where it was critical for her to not get cut up? That's HER fault? That's not negligence, that's intelligence. Come on buddy...

  • Iman - 1 year ago

    I voted “yes” but I wish there was an “it depends” option. For the story y’all read I’d say “no” but I could fathom situations where they should be charged too, for at least negligence. But she didn’t seem like she was being willfully negligent.

  • Monique - 1 year ago

    This episode was so necessary. Please don’t apologize for how heavy these stories get. They’re our reality and it should slap us in the face. I shared with my sister that Freddy Gray’s Family received $6 million from Baltimore, philando castille’s mother got a big settlement, and on and on. But not only are the lack of convictions of the officers that kill black men not even shocking now, but the number in the settlement is often astounding. This woman’s family was able to not only get a conviction (because the cop was black) but also got a $20 million dollar payout. That’s just breathtaking. So what is a black life really worth??? The system isn’t broken. It’s purposeful and everyday we are seeing it. Thank you for putting the magnifying glass on that. Truly.


  • Dr. Tiff - 1 year ago

    I agree with you Rod, did he have on a I'm crazy as hell shirt on! That is not her fault. There are people who say wild shit at bars all the time and nothing comes of it. But these gun laws, no need to change those. That's ridiculous!

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