POLL: Should recreational marijuana use be legal in Arizona?

  • Gabriel N - 11 months ago

    Our current system is out of touch with what the majority of Americans want.
    I supported the previous bill and would have loved to see Arizona protecting people from workplace discrimination based on what somebody of legal age does in their own private time.

  • Jason M - 11 months ago

    This is like commenting on prohibition in the 20's..... (Asking your Great-Grandpa) What did you ever get arrested for? "I got arrested for carrying a 6-pack of beer." We look at this today as so "outdated" and laughable... This is how we are being looked at by future generations with those against as that "senile old man looking up at the clouds and yelling at them 'it's the devil's lettuce I tell ya' as scientifically and medically cures many aliments but the pharma *big pharma* and lobbyists "yell at the clouds" and proclaim "we just don't know enough" or "it weakens minds and induces psychosis." Sure, medicine man.... tell me this while your lab-concocted concentrates are approved and LITERALLY DO enact pscyhosis, and create more problems than the ones they "claim" to solve. Versus a natural growing plant, that has proven benefits with LITERALLY ZERO DEATHS EVER from overdosing....... Let's compare numbers of over-dosing deaths of "Pharma" versus "Weed".... "Millions" v.s. "ZERO!!!!! EVER!!!" Hmmm...... Who is a bought politician, (and dumb enough to believe their bullsh*&t) and who is willing to stand up.... I'm a conservative..... and enough is enough!!!! LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

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