Should there be a proactive way to trigger an iCloud sync across devices?

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Posted 1 month.


  • Stephen - 6 weeks ago

    No, Apple should just fix syncing so it works as expected.

  • Eric - 6 weeks ago

    I notice that iCloud does not sync when on a dying battery probably to conserve battery life. The only issue with mine is that network passwords won’t sync from my iPhone to my MacBook Air.

  • Duncan Clark - 6 weeks ago

    I’ve never had a problem with just using iCloud back up now as a forced sync. I click it on the first device, then when it finishes on the second device, then if I need a two direction sync, I click it again on the first device. I’ve never not have everything sync when i do this....

  • Ron - 6 weeks ago

    My biggest issue is Address Book. All my devices are set to iCloud but I still need to add a new contact on at least two if not most of my devices. It seems to be random which devices will sync with which. At a minimum, I need to add a new contact on my iPhone and my desktop Mac Pro. Most of the time the new contact will propagate to my iPads and MacBooks.

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