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  • Maria - 2 months ago

    SOGI 123 was created by ARC foundation. No one in whole School district #38 could answer my question about this organization. So, just let you all know: ARC foundation is a queer pornography movie producer and the organizer of Vancouver pornography movie festival. So, I asked teachers, principal, his vice and School district administrator about how they find these type of people appropriate to come and educate our, specifically, my children, and what good these people possibly can teach them? No one could answer, including superintendent. They just tried to put this conversation down right away and shift the topic. They were teaching SOGI stuff secretly, even though I was promised by teacher that she was not planning to teach any of SOGI, so she has lied. Another story goes with that. School district categorically refused to talk to me and my husband. So, to cut the story short. Just see who is pushing it the most: NDPist. So, if you concerned about the freedom of our country and about your parental right to raise your children in the way you want to, DO NOT VOTE for Trustees candidates who is from NDP party. Then you have all these communists working as one against you - parent. My personal experience. What happened in our case: you can not complain to School board, coz it occupied by NDPists, you can not go to Ministry of Edu, coz BC minister of Edu is the main pusher of this garbage himself. You can not go to media to bring it to public, once again in our case our city paper's editor is NDPist and the friend of all of those I have, where now a parent could go for help? NOWHERE. So, all you can do, vote NDP out. Do not vote for these abusers of our rights.

  • Dave - 2 months ago

    Parents love their children and are standing up against sexual indoctrination

  • Barrett R Blackwood - 2 months ago

    Those who wish to discuss SOGI-123 are persecuted and call terrible names. For a stark example look at what happened at The HUB Community Space on Oct 10th 2019 when 24 persons gathered to hear a transgender man who is critical of this so called "educational resource" 24 persons including families, Children, LBGTQ members, elderly, and the handicapped were brutally harassed, threatened, and screamed at as they entered The HUB Community Space.

  • Doreen LaRose - 9 months ago

    Sogi is deceptive. I will NEVER agree to parental rights being taken by gov. This is a U.N. AGENDA using our children as " agents of change" (brainwashing) Fight this! It is YOUR PROVINCE and YOUR CHILDREN people of British Columbia and all other provinces. Do not be distracted by all the tolerence / hate soeech deception. Just like they started out soft peddling a bullying program that has taken BACKSEAT to their REAL AGENDA 2021!!!! In my opinion.

  • Doreen LaRose - 9 months ago

    Sogi is deceptive. I will NEVER agree to parental rights being taken by gov. This is a U.N. AGENDA using our children as " agents of change" (brainwashing) Fight this! It is YOUR PROVINCE and YOUR CHILDREN people of British Columbia and all other provinces. Do not be distracted by all the tolerence / hate soeech deception. Just like they started out soft peddling a bullying program that has taken BACKSEAT to their REAL AGENDA 2021!!!! In my opinion.

  • JoeW - 9 months ago

    Looks like the cultural Marxists may not have as much support as they keep portraying. Any rational and logical person would reject the ideology of identity politics and gender-bending. I also expect that as time goes by their support will be even less, especially when we have to deal with in the next 5-10-15 years with the psychological mayhem caused by the physical gender changes and operations on kids and adults alike.

  • John - 9 months ago

    I read one that says it is here to stay, not up for debate, what are we in a communist country or what?

  • Cheryl - 9 months ago

    We, as family units, have great concern over SOGI rights excluding the parents/care givers rights in decision making.
    Teachers or principals/school 'authorities' should be in consultation with parents as to what is best for their child or children.

  • Brad - 9 months ago

    So let me get this straight we are not allowed to have any Christian values in our schools, we're not supposed to teach our kids the true history of Canada but we are supposed to pander to a minority group who feel that their issues are greater than other kids issues. I can just imagine the uproar, from these regressive if a Christian prayer group was introduced into the bc school. No Sogi we are supposed to be a secular society and we don't want this new religion in our school.

  • Ken - 9 months ago

    Right from the start, SOGI 123 has been misleading. It came in under the radar with the noble-sounding title of "anti-bullying". Of course we don't want bullying but this over-simplification immediately paints every opponent as some kind of pro-bullying monster. I've seen a pro-SOGI counter-protester with the sign "Love wins in the end", as if we are standing for hate by being concerned about our children potentially being encouraged to make irreversible changes to their body that they may one day regret. Is that really hateful for a parent to have that concern?

    It is not necessary for every child to be indoctrinated into the same view in order to end bullying. How about just "don't be mean to people that are different, even if you don't understand their view". That's something we could all be learning right now.

  • Tony Spassi - 9 months ago

    Ok since its not up for “debate” Statistics and findings from peer reviewed psychology journals show that trans kids after surgery have an even high rate of suicide, look at the trans child that committed a school shooting last week as a recent news fact. Everything is up for debate in a modern democracy, only a authoritarian hell hole is a topic “not for debate”, the findings on this poll scare Pro-Sogi people and thats why your rational is to shut down oppositional speech rather than intellectual debate. No one said they are teaching anal sex, but telling a boy who picks up a doll that he may be a girl or can wear a dress just adds to the confusion of that child. The phrase “Sogi-Referendum” scares pro-sogi people more than this poll, and its a damn shame, if the will of the people is against it how dare you force something upon the people, label us derogatory terms such as bigot all you want, its a weapon of the authoritarians in a democracy and we are the silent majority that will always debate ! Hell even Quebec had a referendum on religious articles in government positions, If something was “not for debate” that certainly was number 1! So to hell with your “not for debate” statement, like this poll... the silent majority will speak up and shut this nonsense once and for all.

  • Seanna - 9 months ago

    For crying out loud, SOGI does NOT teach kids how to have anal sex or how to be gay. How is the Pro SOGI side supposed to react when people make comments like "I support LGBTQ, biut don't teach that stuff to my kids".... Get your heads out of the sand and stop reading the misinformation provided by the Ministry of Education and from the actual SOGI site.

    And shame on the Langley Times for sharing this poll. SOGI is here to stay and is supported by the Ministry of Education and nearly every single school district in the province. It is NOT up for debate.

  • Steve - 9 months ago

    Wow! If you don't believe in what the LGBTQ believe in, your persecuted. They drown out others from speaking, they say "you aren't allowed to hear!" Why would anyone think this kind of behavior should be tolerated, they aren't fair in any way, it's an agenda to take the kids. Stop it! The police need to be involved. Check them all out, it's disgusting what they do!

  • Tony - 9 months ago

    I respect and love all humans and don’t try to label me as anything for simply stating how I feel. We should not be sexualizing out kids in elementary, we can trust the parents to make decisions on when and how to teach our children about all forms of identity one chooses to live in society. This poll shows that propaganda from other groups trying to take teaching about life away from parents has not worked. The fact people here are mad about a poll explains the state of our society, people can’t except others opinions and beliefs yet assume teaching children Sogi is the best way forward because they believe its right. We never had to teach being nice to people of color (by sogi like means) why should this be any different. Parents do a darn good job at teaching their own kids 1 on 1, a class room which is already full of kids is not a place to teach sogi. I can find common ground with the pro-sogi crowd, send learning material to go home for the parents to teach their children with, but dont try to “test” it at school. Again I really do love all humans no matter what stripe of the rainbow or title is chosen, but can we please keep school as a place to learn fundamentals, and add such things as financial lessons (learning about mortgages, saving money, stock markets) rather than something like sogi that parents have been teaching at home for years ? I mean there was never a “lynching” or percussion here in Canada of any of this community’s members they are all seen as Canadian and we are nice human beings, leave the schools out of it. And if the majority wants sogi I would be accepting as one should be accepting of this poll, lets have a referendum at the provincial or federal level and settle this like a democratic society, if your against a referendum thats an outright shame for a person living in a democratic Country. Let the people decide! Not a funded small sect of the community. Again love all humans and respect to all Canadians, please dont be offended or hurt by my true feelings on this sensitive issue.

  • Tracy - 9 months ago

    First off my sexuality is not a belief, it's a part of who I am. Jist like you being heterosexual is.. however you teach that in the class rooms... SOGI123 has already saved lives. Children's lives, young youth and adults .. this is to embrace differences. Being a non binary cis gemdered woman, at the age of 44, have wished for a safe place to discuss sexuality openly amd honestly!!!
    When I went to school they taught religion, home economics and sex education....that was all hetromornative thinking...i am not hetromornative so what else do you have to educate children who unlike myself did not have any other way of understanding...besides sogi123??? Nothing so leave it in the schools and stop trying to teach our children that it's okay to be discriminating against their peers, friends because they are not like them.
    If we respect who you are, respect that we want to be able to do the same.
    So we can offer them a safe space to understand themselves or a loved one, a friend
    ..who folks not hate!!

  • Sandra Devenney - 9 months ago

    I just went in to send out the link to the first K to 12 lesson that talks about "What is an insult". I printed every lesson and put them in a binder over a year ago but I see they have now restricted access. I did notice the lesson had been downloaded 3369 times but only 7 recommends. Why the secrecy and why are even teachers not happy with the lesson plan?

  • Anita - 9 months ago

    There are some astonishing claims being made here. Please verify them here:
    For those who are concerned about the influence these may have, bear in mind that in spite of The Lord's Prayer being recited, Bible chapters being read and other similar things being a part of the educational curriculum for decades, many people raised in that era became agnostic, atheist or changed religions. We didn't all become "Christians" due to being exposed to these things at the start of every day (it wasn't just a resource).

  • Grant moore - 9 months ago

    Wow. Just reading comments makes hair stand up on my neck. I believe this is about educating youth about sogi to help protect . Not unlike racism . Its 2019. Get your heads outta the sand. I voted yes out of what I would hope is common sense these days.

  • kosher sauce - 9 months ago

    degenerate cultural marxist propaganda

  • Ian Hillman - 9 months ago

    I have no problem with the LGBTQ community, but I have a huge problem with their life style being introduced to elementary students. Let's keep public school for the basics, reading writing and arithmetic.
    If the LGBTQ people want to teach their beliefs to their children, well I guess that is their right. Child abuse if you ask me, but don't force your beliefs on my children or grand children.

  • Sandra Devenney - 9 months ago

    If you read the SOGI 123 lessons you will see, one of the first things it teaches is, "What is an insult?" Then they teach and discuss how to speak up, demand, identify and show zero tolerance for anyone who offends them. This can hardly be called education. SOGI 123 was written by activist adults who are using the LGBTQ community and our children as pawns in a social justice battle that has nothing to do with justice, only power. And it appears from the zeal displayed in the noisy protests that they are being 'educated' very well. My heart goes out to them, especially the young ones, who are paying and will continue to pay the price, in their own personal lives, for an agenda that lies to them about where this path leads.

  • Heather - 9 months ago

    SOGI 123 4EVER! People who oppose it ...
    Well... that's just unfortunate.

  • Nichole Fairbrother - 9 months ago

    SOGI education is evidence-based and protects youth from suicide while promoting healthy identity formation and sexual development. Queer and trans youth must not be excluded from education necessary for their development.

  • Kathy - 9 months ago

    I appreciate the debate from both sides, but I do notice that the pro sogi people are quite rude and unaccepting. Our side is not against Sogi (sexual orientation & gender orientation). We have a problem with all the items included in the curriculum that most parents aren't supposed to know about, such as " a boy can be a girl", the teaching of anal sex and oral sex. I have never even taken a class on this myself. And the worst part, parents, it is all compulsory. You have to expose your kids to this if they are in the public school system.

  • Rudy Hiebert - 9 months ago

    Sympathize with parent(s) with family values that this country was built on centuries ago have to deal with this instead of the 3-R's. The politicians in our city halls and national parliaments also don't show working values that make me optimistic about what the next generations will look like let alone do in this topic.

  • Dave - 9 months ago

    People with morals would oppose this mess. Our kids aren’t old enough to vote. Parents should have the final say when it comes to what their children are learning in school, not the government. The government is screwing up any sense of normalcy in this and many other countries around the world. Mark my words, any of you who want this as children will grow to regret it in later years.

  • John - 9 months ago

    The underlying ideology is deeply pernicious. I'm all for inclusion but teach the scientific truth. Tolerance and love have a place with said truth.

  • Steve - 9 months ago

    WOW I think some people persons are bunch of little scared girls lmao

  • Marie - 9 months ago

    Godo only knows!

  • Aperson - 9 months ago

    FYI: This Poll is being taken over by the lgbtqa haters. They are sharing it on their Facebook hate pages(&personal pages) for people to vote "no" . They are having their fundementalist followers based in the USA are vote on here. Before they took it over it was 75% yes.

  • David - 9 months ago

    There are many forms of discriminations around, and anti-bully anti - discrimination policies are in place for this purpose. There is no need for an exclusive stand-alone sexual orientation SOGI resource. Gender fluid theory taught thru SOGI is an ideology that is removed from biological reality. Parents are saying yes to love & acceptance but No to trans ideology.

  • Michelle - 9 months ago

    Human rights and compassion shouldn't be up for debate. Sogi123 is in the best interest of all kids

  • Kendall Shuttleworth - 9 months ago

    This poll means absolutely nothing. Last time I checked only a few 50 anti-SOGI supporters showed up to the 200+ SOGI supporters...why do people who are no longer in school even care? They aren’t being taught this curriculum and obviously don’t understand why we youth have been pleading for this to be added to our education system for years. Do they really want an environment where youth don’t feel safe and well informed on not only sexual education around the spectrum, but they’re own bodies, sexuality, gender identies, and personally rights ??? Because that’s what SOGI 123 does and teaches.

  • Eat Shit - 9 months ago

    This poll is bullshit.

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