Have you ever taken part in the Free Press Shunpiker Tour?

  • Joyce magee - 1 year ago

    To Whom It May Concern. So many people were so disappointed this year hearing where we were touring, Port Stanley, and the Brewrey Place. We all were there before, why again. We thought for 50 years it would have been BRILLIANT but no it was such a let down to all of us, none of us went, we remember a few years ago we went as far as Chatham, and had a Brilliant tour, this year who ever organized it did not have there heart and soul in it, when we looked at the paper and only seen what we seen we thought did some pages fall out, so very disappointed, we need to have some one who loves to travel all the secret back roads and have a good adventure for Mother Shunpike Tour. Because this year was a BIG FLOP, we wonder why it was not in the London’s News Paper this morning, other words it was so sad it did not make the paper, so this tells us something. I bet there was a lot of disappointed travellers, we all had our Hearts set for this big moment for a long time, we hope next year is better then this year, please find someone who’s interests are better then the one who organized this last one, JMagee

  • Joyce magee - 1 year ago

    Hi To whom it may concern. We all were very disappointed this year. Hearing that the tour was going to pot Stanley and st. Thomas. We thought for 50 years it would be a banger, but know it was a disappointment to a lot of people we all were so excited to do this tour for 50 years. We all did not go because we all did it before. I remember going as far as Chatham, but not this time. Who ever organized this one did not have there heart and soul in it, very very disappointed, I would have to do the tour guide. I would have took them places where we had not been especially for the big 50. Not impressed at all. So very sad. Hope next year is slot better and a thoughtful human being can do better, cause this year was a big flop. We all were so very disappointed, We were sure it was going to be BRILLIANT and good times. (NOT). JMagee

  • Alma Martin - 1 year ago

    I have participated in Shunpiker trips since I was a child..... lining up in front of the London Free Press offices to pick up the kit they once offered. Now I am now in my 60’s! It has changed formats over the years but it is always a wonderful adventure so always look forward to receiving the tour sheet from the Saturday paper! A great way to spend Mother’s Day!

  • We are amazed that 31% of commenters did not know what a Shunpiker Tour is. They took this survey so the 31% will know of it now.
    How better to let people know? Shunpiker is exciting and an annual event for us. If not for the Shunpiker Tour each year there would be many places we would have missed out on seeing. There is a small museum near where we live and, if not for the Tour, we might not have known of it or visited it. Don't know if it is being done already but if not perhaps buses or vans could be used for those who do not drive.
    Looking forward to the Tour. It gives us pause to become educated as to our surroundings and the people living there. Happy Shun piking all.

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