Should Manitoba reverse its plan to close Concordia Hospital’s ER?

  • Alice - 1 year ago

    Aristotle are you serious? I work in health care but to say for foreign nurses more polite and work twice as hard, i like to see that. They talk their own language in front of patients and talk rude to them also, not all of them but most. They all get paid the same wage.

  • Chuck Farley - 1 year ago

    I am surprised at the poll results, being that the Old Stock is not getting younger they depend on medical intervention more so then the young; be careful for what you wish for

  • Aristotle - 1 year ago

    The idea is not to reduce service to patients but to reduce wasted salaries and benefits to unionized employees who should be twice as efficient... Its easy to say we are over worked,,,rather than say we need to be more productive..when have you ever heard an NDP voter trying to be more productive....they cry about wages and working conditions,,,when the hospitals bring in foreign nurses they do not have problems because they work twice as hard and provide twice the health care for less they are more polite to the patients and more attentive....too many fat lazy nurses just want to stay fat off the tax payer..

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