Is Dany going to burn up all them innocent people at King's Landing?

  • No she'll find another way
    19 votes

  • Yup they are toast
    88 votes


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  • Monique - 6 months ago

    Man Fukkkk Them fickle ass people in the Red Keep. Roast them crispy.

    Okay that’s just my anger and frustration speaking. I would love to see her hush roast Tyrion on the spot. What an utter disappointment. If we’re honest he puts his family above Dany and he doesn’t even realize it. Dany coulda been burned the red keep to ashes and took her throne only killing a small amount of people but noooooo. Diplomacy....let’s try diplomacy with savage murders. I’m done with him. And you know they will do something to redeem him but I will never forgive the comedy of tragic mistakes.

  • Iman - 6 months ago

    Even though I voted that she’ll find another way. I wouldn't blame her at all if she BURNED MF’ing KINGS LANDING TO THE GROUND!!! If she says “Burn it all” then that might make Varys’ decision to betray her easier. Because that’s what Jamie said the mad king used to say a lot. Even though I don’t think Dany is crazy at all. Just impatient and she doesn’t understand the people of Westeros.

  • Peaches749 - 6 months ago

    OMG Yall! MISSANDEI!!! NOOOOOOO! I'm tryna hold it together, but I am devastated frfr.
    I really like Dany. I want her to have her throne. I am pissed(with a capitol P) at Tyrion. He should be campaigning for her! Him and Jon.
    At the dinner when Tormund was bigging him up, Jon should have turned around and big-Upped Dany... As her man! and a person who supports her claim as much as he says he does! He says he supports her claim as Queen he wasn't and hasn't been very vocal about it. He says it in private conversations but he has not and does not back her claim in public where it could help her be accepted by the people and lords and all.
    I really think they could win without blood shed if Tyrion was high key campaigning for her...going into the whore houses and pubs and talking about how she freed the slaves and how she loves her people and how much of a badass she is. He used to be all over the kingdom getting information and making it work for him. If the whole point is to take Kings' Landing without destroying it they have to campaign for it. And it could work they can present Dany to the people as the Benevolent Queen Danarys come to save them from the Evil Queen Cersei. I would definitely get rid of Tyrion's ass if he don't get it together and come up with some solutions.
    WTF we used to you being the prophet... Tyrion looking like a sucka for Cersei...
    I would love to see him get with the program and start getting the word out that Dany is a better Queen. The people HATE Cersei...all the people need is a better option... she doesn't have to be the best...just better than her competition, which she is. Then after all the people desert Cersei, then you burn her! And all you have to rebuild is your castle...which is another thing for the people to get behind you on...cuz they HATE Cersei that's work(money and food) for them.
    IDK What to say about Varys... personally do not want to see Jon on the throne. I don't want to see no man on the Iron Throne.
    I want my Queen.
    Just because shes a woman.
    Yeah, I said it.
    I love you guys this is my favorite pod cast!
    See you in the chat room.

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