Are you Team Thomas or Team Liam?


  • Jeanette M Mckenzy - 5 years ago

    Get rid o
    1. Hope needs to know that her little girl is alive

    2. Get rid of Thomas

  • Mindy - 5 years ago

    Sick of baby switch storyline it’s disturbing, and the writers are writing stupid storylines in Hopes life aka baby switch and Thomas the creeper. Not to mention he’s weird looking actor. Let Lope have a happy life with their baby. Bring back the crazy Quinn- start a Triangle with her Bestie Shauna and Eric since they are moving in mansion, but let Quinn win then Shauna gets in Triangle with Bill and Katie and Logan sisters come down on her and Crazy Donna comes back to battle for her little sis Katie. Bring in a new actor for Thomas and hook him up with Flo against Wyatt. Just please stop the stupid storylines. And I understand why you drag out storylines but dang people! you repeat the same exact words over and over out of Hopes mouth every episode it makes me sick of watching ! If you are running out of storylines cross over with Y&R or bring Paul back from Y&R as an investigator to juice it up and find that Caroline faked her death to get back at Bill and bring Caroline back with a vengeance! So here’s some ideas for your writers ! Now please run with it! I will be watching.....

  • Red - 5 years ago

    Yes I agree, but I am so tired of the writers making Hope look so weak. I am really getting tired of this story line that I am ready to give up on this story....let Hope and Liam be happy for once and give them their baby back. Bring in another character for Steffy. Bill was her first love anyway, not Liam.

  • Nettie Bradleyb - 5 years ago

    I am so tired of Hope being weak. First Steffy took Liam, then Wyatt took her( Hope) from Liam. If she leaves Liam for Thomas this time she deserves Taylors desturbed son. He is acting just like is mama. And she calls herself a Therapist'

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