What is the #1 driver of HHS's new interoperability push? (Poll Closed)

  • To discredit previous administrations that created an EHR incentive program without requiring interoperability
    33 votes

  • To spur cost-saving innovation made possible by open APIs and other standard access
    37 votes

  • To enable influential data brokers to profitably obtain and sell patient data
    43 votes

  • To exert more government control over providers
    13 votes

  • To give people access to their own data and more control over it
    65 votes


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  • Trying to be helpful - 8 months ago

    MU 3 or (PI) already fully provides both APIs, data and requirements to not charge patients for their access to data directly or through their chosen apps. This new rule isn't about that at all.

    If you're voting for that, you're misunderstanding MU3 (PI).

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