Do you wash your legs every time you shower or bathe?

  • No
    5 votes

  • Yes
    97 votes


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  • Korey B - 6 months ago

    I’m black. So, yes.

  • Alicia - 6 months ago

    Y'all nasty.

  • Iman - 6 months ago

    I broke my foot on my 17th birthday and had to wear a cast that came up to my knee for almost a month. I kept it impeccably clean and to keep down on the itchiness, I’d use alcohol wipes and cotton balls with rose water on them. The amount of dead skin that accumulated on the parts of my leg I couldn't clean was so gross. I spent over an hour scrubbing with a body brush and washcloth to get it all off. And even if the water is just running down your leg, it’s not taking off the dead skin! So I’m going to assume that the two “no” votes that are up right now are people who just don’t have legs. And can be exempt from my judgement.

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