Do you sleep 8 hours a night?

  • No and I'm rich
    4 votes

  • No
    77 votes

  • Yes and I'm rich
    3 votes

  • Yes
    16 votes


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  • CT - 6 months ago

    I could go on and quote lots of academic journals to refute what Steve said, but what’s the point. The bottom line is facts just don’t support his comments. People need to sleep. Poor people often don’t have the luxury of sleep (as you and Karen pointed out), and rich white people often get more rest than poor people. Sleep is a luxury.

    Now there’s something to be said about being available at different times of the day, because business doesn’t sleep, as CEOs and Presidents of companies often meet with people around the globe to make life-altering, business-changing decisions. But that’s few and far between. And even if you do fall into that category, prolonged sleep deprivation is not worth your health and well-being.

    Take y’all ass to bed.

  • Iman - 6 months ago

    Currently I try to at least get 7 hours of sleep each night. But even that’s hard sometimes. But I often work from home so I try to schedule in a nap for myself.

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