GMC Sports Coupe Rendering: Hot Or Not?

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Poll posted 4 months ago.


  • JClair - 2 months ago

    I absolutely love this idea. Except instead of calling it a GMC Sports coupe.......... how about GTO ? How cool would it be to see a 2000 something GMC GTO ? Just a few twinges and hints of Pontiac in the design, but a completely redesigned modern day GTO.... something to take it away from Mopar and there Hellcats and Demons. And maybe spark those people at Camaro to keep that platform going. But yes GMC, you are on the right track. Let's make it happen....

  • Lyte Buzzkill - 3 months ago

    If there's a Camaro cousin coupe, it should be a Buick, not a GMC.

  • Joe glas - 4 months ago

    In my opinion, they are grasping for ideas to resurrect a trans am replacement because they regret giving it the axe. Make it a little closer looking to a trans am and I think the car would definitely sell.

  • Chevrolet Enthusiast/ Titus McGuirk - 4 months ago

    Redevelop the front & rear clip's of the 1973 RS SPLIT-BUMPER LOOK'S; in my opinion! If the front section is going 2 remain the same; It's large enough to fit a 454ci engine or a 427ci BBC! 12 bolt axle! 2 compete w/the GT40; viper; GT500; SERIES 1 SHELBY!! Anything over the atlantic ocean!

  • Buzz Jones - 4 months ago

    I like the idea of an american front grill. When looking at the Camaro, I can't tell if I am looking at some foreign car or american car. Reminds me more of a Lexus.

  • Robert J. Martin - 4 months ago

    Bring the front middle of the hood color down about 3" to re-accent the grill. Wheels should be black

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