Do men gossip?


  • Monique - 5 years ago

    The messy ass stories I hear at the barber shop are something out of Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, and Sally Jessy Raphael. A few weeks ago I was sitting in the chair and a dude that I thought was pretty stand up, was talking about how he’ll use a fake name with women he’s dating for like two months. Then when he starts feeling them he comes clean by saying, ‘you know I...just got scared initially and didn’t think you was for real....but now I see who you are real name is Jake....’. Ahhaha ummm huh??? But the kicker was that on a few occasions the woman would be like ‘its funny you said name is Alicia...’. I died!! Relationship foundations built in the shakiest of premises. Lol Needless to say they gossip and tell stories just the same

  • Allegra - 5 years ago

    I grew up with mostly men and some of the juiciest of tea would come from them. My grandfather used to take me around town visiting his old buddies, when I was young girl, and all they would do was gossip and drink beer.

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