Do you feel bad for Summer?


  • Seal - 5 years ago

    Kyle and Lola are both not nice people. Lola is trash she would be dead if she did not get the surgery. She should be thanking God and Summer should be her friend and both should kick Kyle to the curb. He is still torn between the two women. If he was so in love with Lola he would have never slept with Summer. She would have helped Lola. Summer has had a horrible time with men and being treated badly. She probably only wants Kyle because he was her first love. She and Kyle will always have a close special relationship. She was his first love too. We all know that story. Lola is a selfish person she is thinking only of herself she jumped on kyle like a dog in heat. She has not even thought about her life being saved. She has not done anything but think of herself. She should have let Kyle at least get a divorce from Summer. Lola was no virgin she is not really a nice person. She does not like Kyles wealth or his values he could not do anything right. Well nothing has changed give those two a couple of months and they will have moved on. Lola Kyle not a match.

  • Samantha White White - 5 years ago

    Summer might have done some mess up stuff,but you can't control who you love.

  • Wellsosborne - 5 years ago

    There’s NO Way I will feel sorry for her when it comes to Kyle. She is the one that put Kyle in a tough spot. As soon as she found out that she was a match with Lola, she told Kyle that she would save Lola but she wanted him. Yes stupid Kyle did offer to marry her but it was Summer that demanded the wedding be before the surgery happened. She knew how Kyle really felt. She knew Kyle loved Lola but wasn’t about to take the chance of Kyle backing out after surgery was done and Lola was safe. Now Kyle is honest about his feelings for Lola compared to Summer and we’re supposed to feel sorry for Summer, um...NOT!!

  • Betty Williamson - 5 years ago

    She knew that Kyle is Love w/Lola and she thought he would eventually want her, but true Love don't work that way. I will say that Lola is one lucky actress, Kyle is fine as wine????????????

  • Alice - 5 years ago

    She is an awful actress and a horrible character that adds nothing to the quality of Y & R....was a much better situation for the soap when this actress took her most recent hiatus!

  • Beverly Johnson - 5 years ago

    I agree totally with Stevie Alexander and Joanna!!! She didn't want him until he was interested in Lola!! Summer, is getting a little dose of her own medicine!!! I hope Lola, ends up with her own little bun in the oven ❤

  • missy - 5 years ago

    love Kyle Bk w Summer all the way bye Lola character to boot

  • Bob - 5 years ago

    No matter how an individual can be they still have feelings and always make mistakes no one is perfect

  • Stevie Alexander - 5 years ago

    Hell no! I want her GONE! When she was after Billy, she treated Kyle like crap! After Billy made a fool out of her & put her in her place, she tried to run back to Kyle. Thought he was gonna be her old stand by. She only wants him so bad cause he doesn't want her anymore! Just a rich brat

  • Joanna - 5 years ago

    She knew she was getting into so there's no need to feel sorry for her she knew this outcome was going to be this outcome

  • Joanna - 5 years ago

    She knew she was getting into so there's no need to feel sorry for her she knew this outcome was going to be this outcome

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