Should horse-drawn carriages be phased out in the City of Victoria?

  • Paul - 1 year ago

    Horse people love horses and know horses love to work. Carriage horses are loved and well cared for. Attempts to remove them are made by people who want to make Canada the most boring place on the planet.

  • John vann - 1 year ago

    B. Issit always seems to want to stir up questionable concerns. Attention grabber, ego problem ??

  • Karen Harris - 1 year ago

    Horses, ridden or hitched to a vehicle, are legal under the MVA. Occupying a lane they have the rights and obligations of any vehicle.

    Educate the motorized traffic by including questions in ALL driver tests re livestock on the roads. You may be an urban driver but everyone occasionally drives where they share a road with a horse or other animal drawn vehicle. Be prepared. Share the road.
    Owners of carriage horses do not abuse their animals. They are too expensive to keep. Vet bills, loss of use all add up. Horses love work.
    I used to drive my mare for pleasure all over the peninsula. Now illegal commercial dump trucks, semis on restricted routes, and other speeding drive through vehicles force us off the road. My mare does not mind them. They are ignorant of their responsibility, break restricted truck use laws and drive too close, too fast and crowd us out of our rightful lane rather than passing legally. Passing? They can not as they are actually wider than the lane. Educate motor vehicle drivers!
    Horses remind us of a different pace of life, they calm traffic, they save on fuel. Support the horse drawn carriages. Victoria has lost almost all the charm that once brought visitors. Carriage tours are a last reminder of a Victoria more British than the British.

  • Emanuel - 1 year ago

    The Horse Carriage is a live monument of Civilization being indebted to the Horse.
    City council’s Social Engineering has little respect for History as evidenced by Statue removal and lack of Public consultations.
    They like to copycat actions taken in other jurisdictions with disregard to Victoria Citizens and Entrepreneurs.

  • Ron - 1 year ago

    Victoria City Council is a disaster with two that should never have been re-elected.

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