Have money issues made you wait for marriage?

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  • Pia aka Outstandingwc - 5 years ago

    Sorry for the length in advance. ????

    When I was married, we did it as 20 something's do, on the cheap but at a church associated with his country. I'd do it on the cheap again in my 40s. My partner had a big wedding. But he and I would forego paying even a coupla hundred dollars if we go there.

    Also, I love shrooms and i am a Blatina from Brooklyn, but had/have friends who went to Bard and other predominately white PWIs. (I went to a CUNY.) They had a connect in Bk that I wished I still had.

    Anyways, at least I can save myself another trip to Amsterdam (been there 2x) to consume them. It is guilt free af. But yeah I hear you, it's not our typical go to *drug*
    I mean, there was a time Black folks weren't popping molly. I used to get pure MDMA aka molly 20 yrs ago. Shit today is more stomped on than it was back then. Molly was once legal then govt got involved. Now it's coming back as a therapeutic drug for ppl with terminal illnesses.

    Welp, that's enough of my drug escapades for today.

    Keep up the good work.

    Great people. Great show. Great community.

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