Daily Poll: Is SkyTrain to the North Shore a good or bad idea?

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  • Judy Snaydon - 6 months ago

    Whether it's Skytrain, or some other transit option, change is definitely needed. With the continuing development in North Van things can only get much worse. Capilano University is desperately under-served by transit. We have many students who face up to 4 hours a day of transit. Forced to buy a U-Pass, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. I'm an instructor at Cap. My options from Main @ 12th in Vancouver are: by car—30 minutes (on an average day), by electric bike—40 minutes, by bus (with 2 changes)—anywhere from 60-90 minutes one way. Even for North Shore students, the commute from Cap to Park Royal is an epic journey.

  • Barry Putnam - 6 months ago

    In 1986 the NDP were dead set against Skytrain, it was a waste of money. Then come Canada line was built they act like they invented Skytrain. What will they do. Flip flop. No No I mean yes, it was my idea.

  • Bruce Feuchuk - 7 months ago

    Everything comes around again. Back in the early 70's, there was a big debate regarding a 3rd crossing of the Harbour (from end of Granville St. to the foot of Lonsdale). And because of the 'cost' associated, we ended up with the Sea Bus as the answer. I use to have all the newspaper clippings (sadly no longer). It would have been interesting to see what a tunnel or bridge (the two thoughts at the time) would have cost then (less than $100M). For a laugh and good read (and other crossing ideas), do a Google search on (this Week in History): vancouver sun 3rd crossing 1967

  • Bill - 7 months ago

    This is years in the future.
    It is an election ploy to retain and extend the one NDP seat on the North Shore.

    The main traffic is cars and trucks taking the Upper Levels Level. to Surrey and Vancouver. They "need" their tools laiptops and so on. They won't leave their cars and trucks behind.

    Skytrain is orphan technology, with suspect bribing companies like Bombardier and SNC Lavelin.

    Google Bombardier bribes and get 442,000 hits. SNC_Lavelin 152,000.hits

    Better to use the huge water tunnels they are currenly putting under Burrard Inlet as train tunnels too.

  • CH - 7 months ago

    I think a sky train from North Vancouver should link to both surrey and Port Moody stations. And continue on to Abbotsford. Abundance of high rises being built, but no other road/highway options. Something needs to be done. Make life easier for commuters and better for the environment

  • Lance G - 7 months ago

    In regards to J.L. comment, it will improve over the Seabus because there could be a dozen North Shore stops instead of only one. Unlike Surrey/Maple Ridge/Abbotsford, there are no major alternatives to Hwy 1 such as Fraser Hwy/Lougheed Hwy in which to put B-Line type buses on the North Shore.

  • grant stewart - 7 months ago

    IF you look at the traffic it is mostly people commuting to work school on the North shore. the line up of cars goes back further in the morning than the afternoon on the #1, usually to Willingdon or beyond. The afternoon commutes have more people leaving the North shore. Add in ferry and Whistler traffic and a Skytrain extension
    would do little to solve this.

  • Jennifer Lipke - 7 months ago

    How will this improve over the Seabus? Also the skytrain lines need to be extended into Surrey/Maple Ridge/Abbotsford more will this divert funding from these projects?

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