Will Steffy's Return Finally Reveal The Baby Switch?

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Poll posted 5 months ago.


  • Sue Hunter - 4 months ago

    Sick of the FLO Show!! Wyatt is disgusting. Hope and Thomas belong together because both are nuts. Get a good story going. Not that you care but I qit watching until this story is OVER!! I like Steffy because she can act unlike FLO, Hope and Zoee

  • Sue Hunter - 4 months ago

    Sick of this Baby switch, Flo show and Hope. Had to stop watching a week ago.

  • Robin - 5 months ago

    Steffi will find out truth about baby switch but keep her mouth shut. Taylor will drive this one! Stef deserves Liam and Beth (Phoebe) cause Brooke ruined her family! Ugh!
    Thomas will get Stef to help him get Hope for him and Douglas and Liam for Stef and the girls.
    Let’s say that happens!! Then the big reveal! KABOOM!!
    Now, Katie & Bill will remarry, making little Will happy! What if baby Kelly has a medical crisis and needs dna from her dad! Now, they discover that Liam doesn’t match! Kelly is Bills daughter. Liam will lose Kelly but gain Phoebe (Beth)!
    Lots of ways to reveal!
    Bill Bell are you going down this path??

  • Lillie M Jones - 5 months ago

    We all want this baby storyline to end but we know your writers will milk this cow dry. Why ? Because they have no where else to go. These writer have no clue how to write a good story line they keep coping off the Y & R on the stolen baby. Everybody has slept with everybody and they keep running they back to one another. Just like Liam and Hope and Steffy, How many times you are going to keep this ship sail back and forth. It is boring we are sick of that story line too. Can you get some new ideals ? Can you do something different ? I am sure I am not the only one that think B & B is boring. What have you got going for your show that can keep us interested in it ? Your fashion company is not good at fashion either. Bring us something new and exciting and worth watching. You need some new young blood, some internet geeks that hack in to Forrester computer or something along that line wake up get with it. Plan a fashion show in Paris or some where do something better than what you writing now.

  • BETTY - 5 months ago

    steffy wants all she can get she will probably keep Liem and hops baby. she finds out and refuses to acknowledge she is the baby stolen from hope. then bar another d n a test.

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