Who will you miss more - Mia or Arturo?


  • Nancy Davis - 5 years ago

    They have added nothing to Y & R. I won't miss any of them. The Y & R writers stink!

  • Vilincia - 5 years ago

    Auturo and Abey were cute together. But, I knew he was feeling that slut, Mia. I guess I will miss Auturo.

  • jeancravens - 5 years ago

    Y&R has gotten so boring and predictable,I only read the reviews.They desperately need new writers and storylines.Its the same people jumping in and out of affairs with each other.I would like to see Jack with a good woman and get Jabot back.

  • Catrina - 5 years ago

    Neither one. However, please keep Rey and Lola. I really like Rey with Sharon. They are similar good hearted people. Don’t put Sharon with Adam. I like Lola with Kyle now. I didn’t at first but Summer did do this all to herself. She set it all up and only wanted Kyle when he no longer wanted her. Keep Kyle and Lola in a good sweet relationship. Don’t have them live together before Kyle is divorced. In fact don’t have them live together at all. That is not how Lola should be. Also, make Adam a good guy and get him back together with Chelsea and Connor. Let it be found out it wasn’t him that killed Delia.

  • Alex - 5 years ago

    I think Arturo is kind of hot but still is a slime ball like most men. Mia is just a bimbo.

  • Denise Coutorie - 5 years ago

    I won't miss either one of them!!! I'm sure they're both very good actors, but their storylines were horrible & that's not their fault, that's on the writers!!!

  • Jeanette - 5 years ago

    I hate the way they have created so much disrespect for the entire family and the put down vibe toward Mia largely because of her chosen career path. I'm not Hispanic but if anyone here is being racist it is the writers. If these actors are more talented than they appear there is no doubt this stupid story line has hindered them.

  • Wanda Gonzalez R Gonzalez - 5 years ago

    Get RID of all of them, and send Summer back to life in piece's.

  • Nette - 5 years ago

    To much drama since all of them have been playing. Mia, Arturo, Ray, Sasha.

  • Sandie - 5 years ago

    Never liked her character any way. Good riddance!

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