What do you think of the opposing view?

  • Janeen Russell - 1 year ago

    Not to mention the billions of cash obama handed over to fund terrorist. Obama was a dumb f__k.

  • Theo - 1 year ago

    Realpolitik vs Utopia... Iranian regime made their choise and took Obama admisistartion for a ride. How is democracy fairing in Iran after the easing of sanctions? maybe we should accomodate the regime more in hopes of lasting peace... same old story: if we cooperate with instead of antagonizing our adversaries they will relax the hold on their people, open their economy, become more freedom loving etc etc. How has this worked for the US or the Iranian, Russian, Chinese people?

  • Noone - 1 year ago

    1. There is no peace without initiation of peace
    2. War is easy to declare, but to end war is not easy
    3. Destruction should never be the end goal.

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