What should Steffy do about Liam?

  • Kianna Reed - 2 years ago

    I'm done finally with The Bold and the Beautiful yeah y'all have made hope weak ass f*** and I fast-forward through Thomas scenes I'm tired of him and I'm tired of Flo not telling the truth she is a weak person to why is she on the show and Wyatt is weak to why is he on the show I'm so over all of this I just feel bad for Liam but he should have picked Steffi in the first place this show has pissed me to the tenth hundredth power with all these dumbass lies and secrets I'm just going to stick with the Young and the Restless they are better anyways at revealing the truth sooner than later and how could u really put Thomas on here to steal somebody else's wife this show is boring stupid and take forever reveal and stuff and I'm over it I used to do book reports because this was a good show to watch but as the years keep going The Young and the Restless is way better yall take too long reveal and stuff FUCK THIS WEAK ASS SHOW AND THE WEAK ASS PEOPLE HOPE YOU SUCK AND LIAM SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH STEFFY y'all writers needs to do better y'all suck

  • Andrea - 2 years ago

    I agree with every single comment, especially the fastforwarding through all the Thomas scenes. That's exactly what I've been doing. These words are definitely not reading our comments at all!!! If you cannot figure out a good story line maybe one of us can do it for you, letting this go on what, until the baby is in high school??? Crazy!!!

  • Sharron Coleman - 2 years ago

    The writers on this storyline must be in the 5th grade! It's such a childish story its INSULTING to fans. Grow up B&B and end this rediculiusness!!!
    I'm tired of fast forwarding through every "Thomas" scene, and "Beth" discussion. Crap, the commercials are all that's left with watching...and that's a stretch! MOVE ON!!!

  • Carole - 2 years ago

    Obviously none of you have ever lost a baby! These plots are insane! Always Steffy Steffy Steffy.
    Give HOPE back her baby you unfeeling people! Thomas is a no good idiot who is using his son to manipulate Hope. A real stand up guy that is. Guess he can't get a woman by himself. UNBELIEVABLE

  • Phyllis Gladstone - 2 years ago

    Have Thomas stop miniputing Hope in his direction, NOW!!

  • Evelyn McQuarter - 2 years ago

    Please!! it’s time to give Hope her baby,she has been unhappy for as long as I can remember. Enough is enough. I am sure there are other fans feel the same as me. Do something with Thomas conniving self.

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