Should teacher performance be evaluated?
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  • Nora Sanchez - 2 years ago

    YES to evaluation , NO to punishment based on evaluation.

  • Gary - 2 years ago

    Although most of my career has been in business, I have done a lot of teaching and I always welcomed evaluations. In my opinion, those who object are poor teachers, union leaders, and corrupt politicians. Mexico is a dynamic country with tremendous potential, but this potential cannot be obtained without an improved educational system. I am constantly talking to parents, businessmen, and others who have viewed evaluations as a necessary step in improving education. I am appalled to see the end of evaluations -- it is a huge step backward. The current politicians do not care about children or the country. They only see a lot of votes. They have obviously not researched the importance of evaluations. I can cite statistics and studies over and over to prove the point that evaluations are good. The Cambridge International organization sums it up clearly by stating, "Teacher evaluation is a vital element in improving student learning outcomes."

  • Diana larsen - 2 years ago

    Absolutely teachers should be evaluated. They are in every country. In Mexico many teachers are not educated so not sure who would evaluate them. Another uneducated person. ?

  • bob - 2 years ago

    Good teachers don't object to testing to measure teaching standards. Only the union leaders object since it would expose them for the criminals they are.

  • Misty - 2 years ago

    I am friends with several teachers who deplore the lack of evaluations, as they continue to be eliminated.
    The kids end up outside playing soccer, or singing and dancing for hours instead of in the classroom.
    It is so sad as I watch my adopted grandchildren growing up with such a poor education!

  • David - 2 years ago

    Absolutely! What kind of an idiot would assume that if employees are not under some form of monitoring of performance, they will quickly begin to slide. No all teachers, of course, but all too many just the same.
    No businessperson in her/his right mind would hire employees and tell them not to worry," we won't be evaluating your job performance. We trust you to work at top form". So why is it not evaluate those who are working with our children's knowledge levels?? Absolutely lunacy.

  • Rick - 2 years ago

    Really! To ask should we care about the quality of the instruction and care of the youth, the future of this country, is so third world. Every effort, resource and ability to ensure the quality of what our children are exposed to should be of the highest priority. It’s unthinkable to do anything less. But oh, I forgot, it’s Mexico.

  • Jacob Johnson - 2 years ago

    AMLO is a leftist Looney Tune.. He stopped teacher evaluations, because he is in bed with the radical teachers Unions here in Mexico.. If CNTE did even 10% of what they do here in Mexico, back in my country they'd be bankrupt, because of fines and the leaders would spend some time in my governments finest prisons!
    In my country it is illegal for public employees to go on strike for any reason.. If they did they'd all be fired and new people hired.. Check out what happened to the PATCO union in my country in 1982 they went on strike and all of the on strike employees were fired and they never got another government job again!!! Never mind about blocking high ways and railroad tracks, all of these activities would be a reason to be sent to JAIL!! Unlike here in Mexico public employees serve the people in my country and they understand who pays their checks every 2 weeks!! One of these days, maybe the Mexican people might have the GUTS to stop the corruption and the course Mexico is taking Grow Up Mexico!!!

    J. J.

  • Rusty - 2 years ago

    I would like to know who the 15 morons were that voted no at the time I posted this!! Obviously you idiots don’t care about children and their education. I hope none of you are anywhere near children, you are pathetic!! ????

  • Nora Sanchez - 2 years ago

    Self-assessment is essential for improving job performance.

  • Dr. Todd D. Stong - 2 years ago

    With 16 years serving as a water supply volunteer engineer in rural villages of the poor I have been greatly saddened for the children who strive to attend their classes while it is VERY common to note that many of their teachers think it is acceptable to come only 3 days a week knowing that no one will correct this.

  • Betz - 2 years ago

    Of course! Of course the least qualified do not want to be evaluated, and of course they make the most noise. However, more noise does not make more right.

  • Carlos Soberman - 2 years ago

    Of course! Absolutely! As someone who has worked in rural schools here (mostly elementary) I believe evaluations are necessary. But so is teacher training, internet in schools, longer school days, better salaries for teachers, better infrastructure in schools, school lunch programs, etc.

  • Ann - 2 years ago

    When the very thing that Mexico needs the most is Education. ! The system absolutely must change.

  • Maria - 2 years ago

    Of course Teachers should not be excluded from evaluation Reason Mexico has such poor record in education I know personal how many people bought their licenses Having only grade 6 education Why they got away with this because no performance evaluation was ever done Companies do for their employees 3 months probation Also they used the strike system 3 strikes you are OUT

  • Robert - 2 years ago

    Every employees performance should be evaluated quarterly, this way there are no surprises when a yearly evaluation is performed.

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