Would you pay to attend a hologram concert?

  • Jane M. (thewritin1) - 1 year ago

    Rod, you hit the nail on the head with the negative vs positive thing. Many moons ago, my marketing professor told us that if you're satisfied with a product or service, you tell an average of 4 people, but if you're dissatisfied, you tell an average of 9. So it stands to reason that a well liked show wouldn't get as much talk. Too bad.

  • Lance - 1 year ago

    That bridezilla story cracked me up!

    But to the poll, would I go to a hologram concert?

    Hell yes! What’s better than a DMX concert? A DMX concert where he morphs into a Pit Bull.

    Give me all the tech give me all the magic. A hologram concert is better than a regular concert for the Same reason anime fights are better than real ones, they aren’t restricted by physics and reality.

  • Alicia - 1 year ago

    Yes, if Beyonce produces it.

    Also, is TI a hotep?

    Another thing, I love the show art for this episode! I died when I saw that!

  • Dr. Tiff - 1 year ago

    Rod! You reading that Bridezilla story in that white woman's voice is everything I needed today! I was hollering in my office. No one, I repeat no one should attend this wedding. She can not be serious, fat shaming, synchronized dance routines and Louboutins..what in all the hell is happening here? When you said children in red, on some US shit took me out!

    I'm so petty.. I think everyone should RSVP and not show up. I would love to hear you read the post the day after the wedding when no one was there. Because you know she would be coming with all the ether!!!

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