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  • Ganondox - 4 months ago

    I voted other, referring to the ToonBoom movie style. After that I'd choose anime, then traditional 2d, then continuing with flash. It really is saying something when the actual horse option is beating out Pixar style CGI. Pixar makes great movies, but most CGI is ugly as hell, especially when it's on a show budget.

  • Smithers - 4 months ago

    I'm going to go with "whatever they did for MLP The Movie (the 2017 one, obviously)." Failing that, same as G4 would be fine too.

  • ThatBronyOverThere - 4 months ago

    I'm going to add my vote to the ToonBoom crowd. MLP:FiM's showrunners have steadily improved on their technique. Look at Season 1 compared to Season 9, and you'll see the characters move better in the latest seasons than they did early on.

    That said, I believe they've taken Flash as far as they can. In the interest of always striving to be better, they have to move on to the next level.

  • Mayflower train set - 4 months ago

    I’d say do G5 in animation software, just a different one than Flash.

  • Ellet - 4 months ago

    Half of these options are barely even styles, and some are only viable for movies (keeping up with Miraculous Ladybug tells me that if I want a well animated and rendered CGI series than I can probably expect to be waiting a long time for each season)

    I voted "Flash like G4" but a thing to keep in mind is that traditional animated cartoons are still a thing today and don't have to be as technically time consuming as an old Disney movie. Steven Universe is still animated on paper along with most of the non-Teen Titans Go stuff on CN. I'd prefer trad animation overall maybe for G5 but I don't want it to be like the Disney movies, it can be its own thing. :)

  • Thomas Pseudonymous - 4 months ago

    Real horses, definitely. Mostly I'd just like to see if it can be done.

  • Neetaku - 4 months ago

    i loved the mlp fim movie (2017), but please please please please please please don't use that animation style.

  • Inuranchan - 4 months ago

    Woops...Meant to remove the bit about CGI, becuse that's 3D animation...Ignore that part.
    I do want to add: 2D paperless animation is pretty similar to tradional 2D animation so it really shouldn't be included in others unless you wanna be super specific of the look of paperless vs. tradional animation.

  • Inuranchan - 4 months ago

    Thanks to everyone who voted for tradional 2D animation. ;) Ya'll give me hope to for the future of my profession.
    To the people who want Toonboom to be the future of animation: toonboom is not a form of animation is a program that you can do flash animation, 2D tradional animation, 3D animation, and 2D paperless animation in. You can even use it for putting together a clay/cut out animation. It's not a style, it's just a program. While there is a program called flash, flash animation refers to the file the animation is rendered in and the medium (i.e. the 2D puppets created in the program). If you chose other to vote for Toonboom because: "movie style", the actual answer you should have chosen was tradional animation. The movie was tradionally animated in toonboom, using 2.5d animation techniques to make 2D animations appear 3D.
    Other is really for all the animation styles with no option listed: claymation, rotoscoping, 2D paperless animation, cutout animation, 2.5d animation (a 3D world with 2D characters), and CGI animation.

  • Marco - 4 months ago

    If we were talking about Equestria Girls I would have voted for anime style but I think there by have been something special with the flash animation that clicked with the story and characters as a whole that made FiM special.

  • Tetra - 4 months ago

    Can't wait for that live action MLP movie, hot.

  • Shadowking58 - 4 months ago

    I don't really think G5 should be animated in Flash, while it wouldn't be the worst thing, I feel like it wouldn't be the best thing either. All the other options just should not be done. My hope for G5 is that they take what they learned from animating the MLP Movie and use ToonBoom to animate G5. It will have the ability to look even prettier than G4, DHX has experience with the program on the MLP Movie, and considering that it's a whole new generation I feel like going with ToonBoom would be a nice upgrade worthy of the impact an entirely new generation of ponies would have. Sure, I love how the show looks with Flash, but a whole new generation deserves a substantial change in animation to go along with it, why not use something that looks really pretty, the animators at DHX have experience with because they have used it before, and compliment the significance of a new generation of ponies really well. Like, picturing how DHX improved with flash from season 1 back in 2010 to season 9 now in 2019. Now imagine if they did G5 in Toom Boom and it also went for 9 seasons. the increase in quality from when G5 started, to when it was in it's 9 season, would be even better and prettier than it was at the start if G4's improvement in backgrounds and animation and facial expressions and etc over those 9 years is anything to go by.

    But yeah, Toom Boom for G5 would be great.

  • Bryce Kanyon - 4 months ago

    While I wouldn't be surprised if Gen 5 remains animated the same as 'FIM' or that a 'Japanese anime' style would sound intriguing, I put my vote to the Old School Hand Drawn Animation like Disney in the old days. Let's face it: Apart from Miyazaki movies, we don't get a ton of handdrawn materials as everything is pretty much done by computers or with 3D effects, you know? It's even come down to the point that most MLP videos on YouTube use the SFM style of animation and while most of their techniques are impressive it's gotten to the point where it's become very common to do so. Plus, having grown up watching the old Disney movies back when handdrawn was a huge trend and or in some shows that used to follow this format, in a way it would be a bit of a fresh air.

    Now I'm not just saying that because the two previous MLP shows had Hand-drawn animation as well, but sooner or later we'd have to accept that we shouldn't forget animation from it's roots. You know?

  • Luxorianin - 4 months ago

    "Other" like Movie Style

  • Hearty Bulb - 4 months ago

    I vote "continue as Flash Like G4". But anime MLP could be really cool, too!

  • Unknown Pony - 4 months ago

    MLP Gen 4 is basically like anime, maybe? I mean, if it changed, wouldn't it be cool if it was drawn by good Japanese artists? Or maybe anime is too different from the current show. Also, it would be great if it was hand drawn like older cartoon movies, but that would be difficult to even do these days.

  • naresar - 4 months ago

    I think I'd go G4+ style of the movie or go with whatever Spiderverse was animated with because *gapes in awe*.

  • Mares Fillies - 4 months ago

    As long as they are sexy and I can cum to them I don’t care what technology they use. Just make them as sexy as the mane 8 and Spike. :D

  • BlueEmber - 4 months ago

    I completely agree with Rari. Flash is becoming outdated, so it's time we switched to something newer like ToonBoom, which is apparently going to be the animation software they'll be working with anyway (for the show not the prequel movie that's going to be animated using CGI coming out in 2020 or 2021). I'm not a fan of the other animation choices that were offered in this poll.

  • Rari - 4 months ago

    I chose "Other" since Flash is kinda becoming outdated. ToonBoom like the 2017 MLP Movie would probably be a better choice for the next generation.

  • Renegade Pegasus - 4 months ago

    Calm down, Felicia. I'm pretty sure those are only meant as examples, not as a bias toward one studio or another.

  • Felicia - 4 months ago

    These options are clear to be biased: So, you're saying that only pixar can handle CGI and as for traditional animation, only disney?

    Meanwhile, DreamWorks has produced both varieties with just as good quality and even better than the two others, and STILL gets left out?

    DreamWorks deserves just as much respect and recognition as the other two

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