Is Adam really Adam?

  • sharon ulrich - 2 years ago

    I'd love it to be Adam with a FBI deal to take down Chloe and Victor for setting him up. Give him a fair chance to be accepted like just before he died allowing Nick to raise Christian and Bring Chelsea back with Conner. Dylan would be great to return threat free.

  • Janet Cook - 2 years ago

    This is not Adam he is a con an imposter fabricated by the con Chelsea. Victoria and nick need to confront victor and Chief Williams. He has his doubts. Why would he now want his son a 4 yr old. He has no time to raise a child not does he want to. Trying to scare Victoria and nick. Nikki needs to be in on it as well. Tessa needs to go to Devon and let him know what’s going on Mariah needs to lingorm him of stalker as well as Chief Williams . All Adam wants is money. He set up the shooting himself. Dina needs to go too a home or back to Paris with Ashley.traci does not need Cain only crush for book. Faith looks great but nicks son something is wrong with him does not speak or interact with anyone. Nick always answers for him. Rey Sharon Faith ok. Lola and Kyle ok but both need divorce ASAP. Victor has lost his mind. My opinion

  • Lisa D Couture - 2 years ago

    This storyline is ridiculous. This Adam is Noah's age and his siblings are in their late 40's as is Sharon. Please find someone age appropriate.

  • Cheryl McDonald - 2 years ago

    Bringing Dylan would be good. Sharon would be love triangle, I think. Bringing Adam back, would be nice too, I mean heck Chelsea is coming back, but I think needs to own up to his past and start paying some debt back. Just my 2 cents.

  • missy - 2 years ago

    let it be Dylan

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