Will you watch the Game of Thrones prequels and spin-offs?

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Poll posted 5 months ago.


  • Aysha - 4 months ago

    Rod and Karen,
    Thank you for diligently recapping GoT for all these years. I truly appreciate you both and the hard work you put in every week to make sure we had a safe space to joke freely and for giving us a black perspective on the show. Best recap in the biz. For me, the final season was a let down but I still love the show and am excited for the spin-offs!

  • Iman - 4 months ago

    At least the first two episodes. But this season started off great, then kinda dropped the ball. I thought the ending was good, but the way they got there was questionable. And the endings you and Karen came up with would have been better than this. Yay Drogon for king!! Makes just as much sense as Bran being king.

  • CT - 4 months ago

    Have I said “I ain’t watching that shit” out loud to myself and to others? Yes. Have I lied to myself and others? Of course

    I have too many questions, and not enough answers. And just MAYBE they can answer them in the prequel.

  • Ro - 5 months ago

    At least the first episode

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