What do you think of our view on President Trump?

  • Politics hater - 2 years ago

    Hey Simon, why didn’t you mention Mitch McConnell in your last sentence? Do you just choose to call out the Dems who got rich? MM has been a politician his entire career and is somehow worth over ten million dollars. Convenient how you only call out the folks that support your argument. Why don’t you be impartial and call all the crooks out including the ones you support?

  • Hiendurance - 2 years ago

    Asking Trump to act Presidential is fruitless. He has always been an immature jerk. Now the only question is whether he is covering up advancing dementia, or this job, the first he's ever had, is just too hard for him to perform.

  • Sid Davis - 2 years ago

    Yeah, right. The Liberal LEFT. Liars saying someone else is a liar. Like you ever had any credibility to begin with. You communists make me sick.

  • Irish Texan - 2 years ago

    The Republican Party needs to get get control over their President.... Notice I say 'their President', because he's certainly not mine, and was not chosen by over half of the voters of this country. The Republican party is using Trump just as much as he's using them.... It's a match made in Hell. The sad thing is that the Republican Party needs to decide that they love their country enough to do what's best for their country. Because Trump will never do anything that's not in his own best interest..... He loves nothing but himself, and never will change.

  • Simon Abela - 2 years ago

    You are the most uninformed idiot that posted so far, Trump is so over his head. He has run every business he had into the ground and now he’s doing it to the country. Stable geniuses don’t have to say they’re stable geniuses. He’s weak. He’s stupid. And he’s Putin’s bitch.

  • Commoner - 2 years ago

    All the BS is making the US a laughing stock worldwide....just for a powergrab the most powerful oisition in the workd us being reduced to golden showers? Shame!

  • Simon Abela - 2 years ago

    So where was this writer when our economy has less than 1.9% GDP, and most of us lost their good paying jobs. This writer had amnesia or too drunk to remember. We have an excellent economy; this is why we have so many Illegals sneaking into the US.
    During Obama, things were so bad that most of them did not want to come to the USA. Pelosi and the Democrats have done absolutely nothing except trying to impeach Trump. We all knew that Trump is wealthy, the question to be asked if Trump must show his taxes, let us re advert the same to all Senators and politicians, after all,
    I am surprised how Pelosi and Democrats have become Millionaires serving the American people, with a salary of $193,000 per year salary, I would like to know how they earned their millions being a Civil servant, not a businessman. Don't you think I also have that right as a Taxpayer?

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