Should marijuana be legal in North Carolina

  • Heather Coffey - 3 months ago

    I have smoked for years and now my 18 yr old son does as well. In my personal opinion, ALCHOHOL IS WAY WORSE THAN WEED!! I LOVE MARIJUANA IT'S THE BEST THING FOR MANY REASONS. SO COME ON NC,LEGALIZE THIS PLANT

  • Jimmy conner - 4 months ago

    The personal who say it should not be legalized come from different back grounds ppl should have the right to make that choice even our children maybe teenagers would live at home and smoke crime rate would go down jobs would increase from the distributor all kinds of good things would come from it I had a possession charge for 2 weed roaches and they charged me for under a half ounce and have to take drug classes for something that doesn’t make me a drug addict that gives me a break I never once remember what I did drunk but I remember every second of everyday cause I smoke everyday home work but never around my son I don’t take from my family or steal I got get my weed and come home I don’t go out kill or any crime activity but to go get my weed they cal that a criminal act but really it be the same thing as if I went to buy cigarettes at the store I made a purchase and helped a man pay his child support so he didn’t go to jail and have for 7 years now if it wasn’t for that he would be in jail taking tax payers money to feed bath and take care of him when he is just trying take care of his 6 kids he has does that really make him a criminal it would Hmong he didn’t do this and try to take care of his kids he doesn’t even go around em no cause he is scared to involve them period but makes sure their mother has money for food cloths diapers and toys everything they want and need he makes sure he gets it for em but he has to sell weed cause the justice system fuck him over for that little bit of weed he smoked as a teen and now he has to sell weed cause no one will hire him having a charge on him for weed thinking he is a drug addict which doesn’t make him that makes him a good father for risking everything to do what he can for his family if he didn’t have to hide and had a job in a store selling he would be able to be around his kids justice system still gets they child support

  • Alvin Stapleton - 4 months ago

    Hey North Carolina needs to legalize marijuana because it would help in so many ways like for instance it would make medicine for anybody dealing with cancer or any other illness'sand it would bring so much money's alot better than alcohol so why not legalize it and tax it like you do alcohol

  • Alvin Stapleton - 5 months ago

    It would bring so much money to the state

  • Alvin Stapleton - 5 months ago

    Please legalize it cause it would help in so many ways,like for instant it would help cancer patients and it did being so much money for the State yaw can even tax it like yaw do alcohol ease legalize cannabis in. North Carolina.marijuana is not addictive

  • Rachael - 5 months ago

    There is nothing in my opinion wrong with smoking a little green. How many people do you know that are violent and commit terrible terrible acts that smoke weed? Exactly! Probably not very often if you really think about it. People say it's a gateway then you should include coffee cigarettes alchohol coca cola goody powders etc lol come on now. North Carolina should pass the law to legalize it I think they will be extremely pleased with the stats. We need to be more concerned with getting the finish line drugs off the streets heroin crystal meth that's where the crazy is at.

  • Betz - 5 months ago

    Never has anyone overdosed smoking weed.
    As far as the opiod crisis, the crisis is fentanyl and other derivatives of it. Concentrate on that.
    As with anything, there is a point where every individual has to accept personal responsibility for their actions.
    Pot has been shown to help so many people in so many ways.
    Legalizing weed would create so many jobs for people and revenue for the state of NC. Our climate is perfect for growing it.
    I am 100% for legalizing pot.
    DWI's and DUI's and never pot related. (unless combined with the deadly and legal alcohol or other drugs)
    Ban alcohol, legalize weed.
    I firmly believe crime would go down and cities would be safer.
    The bottom line is if you don't like it, don't do it. And those that have never smoked it or don't want to try it, you will not be forced to.
    Live and let live. Make the proper choice for the people and the state and make weed legal.

  • Jason - 7 months ago

    I kinda stuck in-between a rock and a hard place. Let be legal I'm going through a divorce and to stop smoking because it isn't legal in NC. I had a bad motorcycle accident in 2015 and took pain meds until I was able to talk and tell them I didn't want want the pain meds. I stayed in the hospital about 8 months. I was kinda depressed with everything and someone asked me if I wanted to smoke I was like it can't be no worse than pain meds so I tried it and let me i would rather have that any day of the week than pain meds. Just saying it is a miracle drug no doubt I love it. But I have to stop it because I am going through a divorce and it's not legal in NC so I'm kinda up shits creek with out Patel. So please find it in you little heart to legalize it please.????

  • Marshall Hedrick - 7 months ago

    I have PTSD anxiety depression COPD and colitis it would help all of those conditions marijuana should be recreationally legal Nationwide North Carolina needs to get on this bandwagon and stop dragging their ass if Christians are the ones that are holding it back which I'm a Christian myself very devoutly let me tell you look in Genesis first chapter he put all fruit bearing trees and all seed bearing herbs in the ground for us the only one we weren't supposed to touch was the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil and we messed that one up there is nowhere else in the Bible that says you cannot use cannabis, and it's one of the only plants out there that cures multiple diseases including cancer Crohn's epilepsy glaucoma diabetes the list goes on and on it's all about money and the people that we have in office in North Carolina that are keeping it illegal, so if they don't make it legal let's change the people that are in office we are the people of North Carolina we are the people of America we have the say, the people created the government that's why on the Declaration of Independence that says We the People North Carolina politicians you better start listening to the people or you won't be elected again

  • Jane Doh - 7 months ago

    If "our government" really wanted to do something about "The opioid problem", they would give society a positive alternative by legalizing marijuana. Don't forget it adds revenue, not destroy it by havin to rebuild damaged communities!!! It doesn't deplete family structure or require need for rehabilitation facilities. Oh but sorry, you'll have to stop arresting and tarnishing innocent people's names and well earned respectable reputation for being a productively independent member of society without relying on a well funded pharmaceutical company. Sacrifices... Sacrifices...It's too easy of a solution and the policy makers would have to admit they were wrong, and well that's just not how politics works frlends. GOOD NEWS is the legal states have have not burned in a firy inferno from all the pot heads blowing up schools and shooting up cities. The amphetamines and mental health lost souls screaming for help have that under control. So yes, let's focus more on keeping an organic healing agent packed away tight so we don't have to focus on progress. Tobacco contributes to cancer, weeds helps manage cancer, alcohol kills the major organs of the body, brain cells and other human beings, weed sparks brain function, and creates a connection for compassion. Weed isn't for everyone, agreed, but there's a whole world of pharmaceuticals that aren't for everyone that can be alternatively replaced with the Lords gift from the earth as well and that should attribute for something. Isn't it suppose to be about equality?

  • L - 7 months ago

    LEGALIZE IT!!!! come on y’all!! we’re a democracy. the majority of the people want marijuana legalized and myself being a part of that majority, i just want to say on our behalf that cannabis has helped us in many ways. Never has anyone overdosed on flower, but alcohol and tobacco have and pose a way bigger threat to our health and our children’s health than marijuana. Living in a state where religion is taking over government is ridiculous. I’m a christian, but my religion and political matters shouldn’t collide like that.Not everyone in this state is a christian and i honestly think it’s unfair to let someone who is letting their religion overthrow their view point of governing a state keep the majority of the people from getting what we want. Cancer patients can’t even come here because medicinal marijuana isn’t even legal. The mountains are beautiful and many many people are starting to come into our little state, but it’s all business people, implants, who are coming here to make our home just like the place they left from. if we’re going to get overpopulated then we need to get overpopulated with people who have every intention of actually living here. Not raising our rent and building new businesses where we honestly don’t have room. thank you, that is all.

  • Tonya L. Lewis - 8 months ago

    The real reasons marijuana should be legalized:
    1. The "harm" from marijuana cannot be proven.
    2. The harm from legalized drugs of alcohol and cigarettes are well-documented.
    3. Alcohol and cigarettes are big business--and big lobbies--our government only hears when money talks, not the people.
    4. The ACTUAL harm of marijuana is state and locality enforced, where people are fined, jailed and imprisoned for long terms with permanent criminal records for as little as possession of a single joint.
    5. We--the taxpayers--those the government refuses to hear because those serving in government believe they know better than we do how to control our lives--are paying for the war on drugs.
    6. A war on drugs is ridiculous where marijuana is involved, much like it was with prohibition. No one is winning. Why not do what the end of prohibition did--make it legal and collect the sales/import/transportation taxes on it?

    We need to remember that those in government (who control our lives for us because they believe we are too stupid to manage it for ourselves) are in their positions because we put them there. Use your votes more wisely, and remove them! Start voting with your intellect, and those in government might start listening to the people again.

  • Tab - 9 months ago

    I definitely believe it should be legalize, I have seizures and in the past I've tried everything to help control my seizures and pain.Pills on top of pills with no relief and side effects that guess what causes seizures. I've also tried the real deal of marijuana and at that point my life changed, ive been able to reduce seizures and pain. I've been able to get the sleep that i require to help prevent me going into seizures. Right now if i want that help or hope to get what i need to control my seizures, i have to move to another state bc my state just wants to ponder about it.

  • Dan - 9 months ago

    Legalize it ! Stop with the bs already

  • Ted Macomber - 9 months ago

    As a Cancer Patient I say make it legal it helpsin so many ways !

  • Chris - 10 months ago

    God put every seed and every plant on this earth! For us to use it so legalize it! God made marijuana so use it!!!! Legalize it !!!!!!

  • Hopeful - 10 months ago

    It’s amazing to see how ignorant most people are from highly educated to backyard hill billies. Corporations/pharmaceuticals have fought long and hard to suppress the plants true purpose and that is of healing the body and the earth. So many other uses this plant has to offer from food to building materials. Again the masses are asses. They would rather continue living in denial then to except their wrong. Imagine what the world would be like if we were to stop cutting down trees for building materials and were able to harness all the nutritional components of the plant for what the body already needs(amino acids) the building blocks of life. Open your eyes and think outside the box. Legalize so we can all move forward!

  • Lucy M - 10 months ago

    Yes it should to many people are addicted to pain meds I could be one of them I have chronic regional pain disorder but I choose to medicate with marijuana.

  • Sharon Huya - 10 months ago

    I want to buy a home in Rocky Mount but I am diabled and take medical Marijuana for my pain. Please don't stop me from buying a house because I can't get medical Marijuana. I live in Maryland and am getting off other drugs like Fentanyl by doing CBD and Marijuana.

  • Barry - 11 months ago

    Y'all said it all from alcoholics to hard drug user's marijuana is the best for all your body ales our world would change so much more for the better

  • Alynda Monique Funderburk - 11 months ago

    Alcohol is legal and so are cigarettes....the affects of alcohol on the brain and body is not in question. Plus neither alcohol nor cigarettes have any medical benefits but both are sold daily legally with no question or concern about either. Both are addictive and but yet are both sold at the local Walmart. So whats the big uproar about legalizing marijuanna?

  • chris - 11 months ago

    As a family member who lived with alcoholics and other Heavy drug use to include kid needs that environment. I will say that I was in the safest situation when they were using only Marijuana. Yes, I was in a better situation. The legal substances were the worst- Alcohol. I get that many want to keep away from kids... If you do not parent or you do not take an active step to raise your kids right then you have FAILED! Don't blame marijuana. Blame the doctor who you trust so much when he/she gives you more FDA Approved poisons... god forbid you use natural remedies! I am sick of these wanna be Christians that JUDGE and CONDEMN so many in the name of their skewed moral faith. I celebrate those who are true Christians or practitioners of Faith. Remember, you make your lifestyle choices and I will make mine. The moment you tell me that you are removing my rights of choice...we will go to WAR! With each other.
    So remove religion from State NOW!
    Accept the fact the majority wants prohibition to end!
    Accept the fact Marijuana has not killed anyone from Overdose on Marijuana...grant it there will be idiots who will over do any substance! Yes, these people you blame everything else for their problem...YOU THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE THE PROBLEM! You turned a blind eye on them then blame everything else for the problem.

    I am sick of Sen. Tillis telling me we need more research = Bullshit! There is plenty of research and other states who have legalized know this.
    I am sick of Sen. Tillis telling me we are concerned about the kids = Bullshit! Start parenting folks. Put your damn phone down and parent! Plus if your kids want to do something...they will.

    We can help bring in new revenue to provide strong anti-drug campaigns to give these youngsters an informed choice when they become legal to do as they please.

    I served faithfully for this country! 20 years of my life in service of this country! Serving in war zones and at times being shot at for FREEDOM! Where the hell is my FREEDOM Sen. Tillis? My Brothers in arms want this! My Brothers in Arms that are suffering and knowing that Marijuana has helped many, Sen Tillis, may act like you give a damn but we judge the whole person and you, Sir, are missing a bunch of pieces to your total support for Veterans!

    Final thought: Legalize! Copy Illinois, make some reasonable changes (Don't let ABC stores take this! Thats a back step) and help folks set up retail outlets, help our farmers get into this industry. Teach SBI and all other law enforcement organizations learn to actually do their job towards real crimes.

  • Brian - 11 months ago

    Just legalize the damn thing, I don’t see why this is such a huge issue in NC. I’d rather smoke my face off, get munchies and eat a bag of potatoes chips than drink myself to oblivion and get in a car and drive. I hate living in the Bible Belt, I swear. Y’all talk about separation of church and state and don’t even exercise it. Hypocrites.

  • Asia McCracken - 11 months ago

    Free the weed!!! I dont see how the Christian community is so opposed to it but ok with alcohol. No one has od on marijuana, people have on alcohol, no one has became seriously violent because of marijuana, it happens offten because of alcohol. If your against weed then you very uneducated.

  • Kelly - 11 months ago

    I think it should be legalized for chronic pain patients its better than taking pain pills

  • Gary - 11 months ago

    Free the weed

  • Lee - 11 months ago

    Legalize it

  • Mark - 11 months ago

    Legalize and give every one a chance to benefit from it weather it’s to make money to provide for their families! And for the ones who really need and want to try anything something natural and different than what’s forced upon them. We should have a choice. For those who are against it just don’t use it.

  • Charles - 11 months ago

    Marijuana needs to be legalized in NC!!! Quit the dumb shit and legalize it already!! Alcohol is more dangerous than weed!!!

  • Dabura Karriem - 11 months ago

    I hope that north Carolina will come to the realization that the we need to legalize marijuana for all people over the age of 21. The upside means thousands of jobs,
    Tax revenue as a as a decrease in the number of people and the associated costs of prison life

  • Mike France - 11 months ago

    Someone tell this retard that Arsenic doesn't fucking grow.

    How is this person in charge of ANYTHING?

    If you vote for this guy, you are a retard.

  • Krista Shen Shelar - 11 months ago

    I have chronic pain.. and PTSD. Pain pills don’t work. Even if just for medicinal to start.. but if it was legal less drunks.. less tweekers.. maybe the real hard stuff would become obsolete... It should never have been made illegal in the first place.. thank you greedy pharmaceuticals..

  • Lumbee Lady - 11 months ago

    Legalize marijuana in N.C!!!!! It helps so many people with all kinds of health problems. I have PTSD/Anxiety and I can't get my medicine's that helped me control my PTSD/Anxiety. The doctor took it away cold Turkey from me. Now I'm left struggling with my sickness daily. I have tried marijuana in the past in 1999. I hadn't smoke until recently and it calmed me down, made me relax,made me feel happy and helped me eat. I don't think marijuana is a dangerous thing. Look at alcohol and cigarettes it's legal and people die from those thing's everyday. Who you know that smoked marijuana caused a car accident or killed someone. I say go ahead and legalize it and let the people benefit from the flower. NC could use the money in so many ways and plus our farmer's need to made money too. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NC!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howard Laney - 11 months ago

    North Carolina should have been leading the way, our climate is perfect for premium cannabis growth and our farmers are hurting. I have smoked all my life and will continue until my death no matter what the law says about it, my record vouches for that, I've been oppressed and persecuted regularly for my entire life over the simple love of a fragrant and healing flower given to us by the almighty creator Beaten, locked up with murderers and rapists, denied loans and education opportunities. Senseless! Cannabis is not harmful, the penalties and oppression ARE. Their objections are solely based in an errant fundamentalist doctrine of man that their own scripture disproves... what's that in the holy anointing oil in the book? Canebosm! which in hebrew does NOT translate to the cancer causing herb calamus, (imagine god having them make the anointing oil out of something cancerous, lol) ... but exactly.. Cannabis! two pounds of fine cannabis tops to be exact. Cannabis has been a holy sacrament and healing agent since ever man got here, We just want the freedom to enjoy whatever flower we fancy without having our lives wrecked. Go figure.. The numbers on this poll prove most the readers here must feel much the same way. We could do so much better than we have been, but we must ACT.

  • M Bryan - 1 year ago

    These bills will all stay stuck in committee until we replace the ignorant, prejudiced politicians that dominate the NC General Assembly and our federal Congress with those willing to study the true facts about marijuana and apply common sense.
    The dumbest argument against legalization it that it "protects" children. Legal sellers "card" buyers; illegal dealers don't.

  • Marvin Powell - 1 year ago

    Sugar is way more addictive than cannibus, cocaine or heroin and that’s legal in all 50 states. It’s also known to cause diabetes and we don’t put additional taxes on sugary items, we don’t criminalize people for putting sugar in products even though we know that is dangerous to our society much more dangerous than cannabis. For those who say it’s a gateway drug it is true most people who use other drugs, stronger drugs, started off with cannabis and cigarettes. Only a small percentage of those who use cannabis go on to harder drugs.

  • Timothy Houston - 1 year ago

    They keep talking about kids like they don't have access to weed easily now.

  • Driverman - 1 year ago

    I hope North Carolina doesn't wait till the last minute .....and be the last state to legalize marijuana

  • Driverman - 1 year ago

    Hope erb gets legalized ......I would stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and only smoke. erb .....maybe I would live longer.... definitely would be happier

  • Driverman - 1 year ago

    Hope erb gets legalized ......I would stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and only smoke. erb .....maybe I would live longer.... definitely would be happier

  • Johnny Smoke - 1 year ago

    whatever. millions of people gonna use cannabis tax-free and give $$$ to drug dealers. that's just fine. can't be stopped until these idiots finally wise up or die and make it legal and cheap.

  • Jeffrey Denny - 1 year ago

    I've been disabled for 7 years and I've gotten a real dependency for pain medications. I would give anything to have a normal life. my stomach is so messed up because of the pain meds that I hardly ever get a good night's sleep.

  • John Thomas - 1 year ago

    @Gene Fuller --- You say:

    >>>"I lived through the 1960-70’s when “pot” ruined many lives."

    I was there, too, and that's complete nonsense. Science and widespread experience have shown marijuana has NO significant harms.

    >>>"It is just like any addictive drug."

    You couldn't be more misinformed. - Addiction involves withdrawal symptoms that are so severe, they compel continuous use to be avoided. - Marijuana doesn't have them, so is NOT addictive. - That's one of the many things consumers like about it.

    >>>"If it does not get you high enough, you go to other drugs."

    More baloney. - The Drug Czar's own 1999 Institute of Medicine study of marijuana concluded the "gateway" theory is just a myth that does not operate in reality. This has been confirmed by every legitimate study since then.

    In fact, SAMHSA research shows that for every 100 people who try marijuana, only ONE later becomes a regular consumer of illegal addictive, hard drugs.

    Clearly, instead of being a gateway, near harmless marijuana is actually a TERMINUS drug - being the LAST one most people ever consume. And recent research shows marijuana is an effective aid in QUITTING addictions to alcohol and the hard drugs.

    Every person who chooses near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol, improves their health tremendously - as well as the lives of their family and community.

    Do some real research instead of drinking the government, propaganda Kool-Aid.

  • Dre - 1 year ago

    Additional comment : For North Carolina to not legalize marijuana would be a horrible decision because you can make tremendous revenue off of it, which is something NC TRULY needs for the economy.. especially in the most populated cities like Charlotte. Charlotte has the biggest spending problem, but almost never spends the funds on something that actually "helps" people..there are more people who can't afford living there than people who can.. and that's really shameful that any city could stand tall and look pretty but is unable to help it's people who are the real ones that actually help make the city with their tax dollars. More expensive apts and houses are being made instead of affordable housing, wider range transportation, more shelters,and better walkways. People of the middle low to low class are suffering because everyone if fighting to try to live affordable due to "2 times or 3 times the rent" policies that apts or houses have, even though there are ALOT of jobs that don't pay you enough to be able to make that unless your paired with someone else who is working. But what about single mothers and father's? What about single people? Even most 1 bedroom houses or apts cost as much as it would for a 2 bedroom. So many people are on waiting lists that would stretch to almost 4 years of waiting to be choose, and that's NOT guaranteed. It's disgraceful. Legalize marijuana -- more jobs with higher pay, more revenue, and better opportunities to HELP low income people, not say that your going to help and don't really. Updating the look of busses and building things that doesn't support affordable living don't count.

  • Dre - 1 year ago

    What really humors me the most is that the people who don't want it legalized because they feel that it is addicting and dangerous, but are probably the main ones who are either know some drinkers, tobacco users, who are both, or are themselves, which is clearly more dangerous than smoking marijuana. Individuals develop sickness, gets injured or killed from both between the primary ages of 16 to practically 60. Most cigars, cigarillos, and cigarettes contains the same type of chemicals used for nail polish, rat poisoning,other harmful additives a low to high amount of nicotine, which is highly addictive and will give you physical and mental withdrawals if you are deprived from it...but still "legal"
    And still people choose to smoke it.. right? Alcohol can also take a strong form of addiction called alcoholism, which gives you strong urges to drink, if you don't, you have mental and physical withdrawals..but people still drink it..right? That is what's humorous to me. Anyone who doesn't want it legal at all or just partial probably hasn't smoked it directly or is afraid to. I think that based on the whatever state legal age to smoke tobacco products state would be appropriate for teens to smoke marijuana. The most marijuana does is get you hungry, unlock further positive potential in your brain, personality, make you sleep good, and become calm. I feel like people have to just figure out which strain and potentcy is right for them because everyone is built differently, so it probably has different reactions be it really strong, moderate or low. lawmakers are worried about kids possessing it but honestly, whether it's legal or not kids will still try or can find ways. So what would be the difference? Just treat marijuana like you are supposed to treat alcohol and tobacco-- put it up, out of sight, out of mind, out of reach.

  • Eric Sechriest - 1 year ago

    I agree that alcohol is as dangerous, if not more dangerous. Look at Willie Nelson! He’s in his 80’s and is a regular user . Look, anyone can obtain Marijuana, why not tax it and make the state some $$$$ for schools etc ?

  • Dorothy Cohen - 1 year ago

    My mother died from alcoholism. The fact that alcohol is completely legal and accepted even religiously in churches dumb founds me. This substance has NO redeeming qualities while some legislators say marijuana is an awful thing
    Marijuana is proven to be medically and ememotionally helpful for more people than you could count. Especially in children with cancer,! Grow up and let's get on with things that truly hurt our country. May the enormous tax revenue that's acquired aid support for our teachers, paramedics, firefighters and police. Not to mention many other budget issues in our state the have been left without funding. Good luck NC!
    D Cohen

  • Gene Fuller - 1 year ago

    I lived through the 1960-70’s when “pot” ruined many lives. It is just like any addictive drug. If it does not get you high enough, you go to other drugs . My brother and several friends were addicted to pot and lucky to have survived. Legalizing drugs such as pot, etc. has become political. Democrats are opening Pandora’s Box such a drugs, illegal aliens, free everything, etc to make our population socialist. We will then totally dependent on big government for everything and lose our Democracy. The Democrats battle religious groups for being against anything that can cause long term problems just to get votes! I was never political until I have observed liberals trying to destroy our country!

  • Mandy - 1 year ago

    North Carolina should legalize cannabis. I'm an advocate for this I suffer just like any other person with anxiety pdsd insomnia. I rather smoke a plant that is natural from the Earth then consume pharmaceutical prescription medication which is more harmful to the body. North Carolina should tax the shit out of it just like they do with the lottery here they would make so much money they have no idea how to spend it just like another States.

  • Austin - 1 year ago

    Cannabis should be legalized. The gov does not have the right to tell people what they can or can't put into there own body if it has no effect on other people. The government also doesn't have the right to criminalize addicts. Cannabis should be legalized and the ones who become addicts get treatment and do not become criminals.

  • William Thomas - 1 year ago

    I am a 61 year old cancer survivor but not with out some side affects from I have pain in most of my joints and with everyone crying opioid crisis I go through hell just to get my meds.This could help I think and would cut back on illegal trafficking

  • William Thomas - 1 year ago

    I am a 61 year old cancer survivor but not with out some side affects from I have pain in most of my joints and with everyone crying opioid crisis I go through hell just to get my meds.This could help I think and would cut back on illegal trafficking

  • John Thomas - 1 year ago

    From the article:

    >>>"O’Neill refuted claims that marijuana is not a gateway drug and isn’t addictive."

    This is a brazen attempt to deceive when America now knows better. - Addiction involves withdrawal symptoms that are so severe, they compel continuous use to be avoided. Marijuana doesn't have them so is NOT addictive. - That's one of the many things consumers like about it.

    The Drug Czar's own 1999 Institute of Medicine study of marijuana concluded the "gateway" theory is just a myth that does not operate in reality. This has been confirmed by every legitimate study since then.
    In fact, SAMHSA research shows that for every 100 people who try marijuana, only ONE later becomes a regular consumer of illegal addictive, hard drugs.

    Clearly, instead of being a gateway, near harmless marijuana is actually a TERMINUS drug - being the LAST one most people ever consume.

    Every person who chooses near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol, improves their health tremendously - as well as the lives of their family and community.

  • John - 1 year ago

    It needs to be legal because of the benifits it has and will have on society and also the medical patients that have been waiting to get it here. It will also provide more jobs in the state and bring in more revenue than anything we produce garrentied...

  • Daphney Lisane - 1 year ago

    Legalize marijuana.

  • Christina - 1 year ago

    It needs to be legal it has many benefits whereas alcohol & tobacco has killed more people than anyone really knows! There are proven medical benefits with conditions that if they took prescription drugs which would just add health problems on top of what they already are dealing with. Don’t forget the problem this country is dealing with from opioid addiction “Big Pharma”! Legalize marijuana it’s never killed anyone,

  • Doodoo Head - 1 year ago

    Bruh y’all know you gotta be 21 to smoke legally right ????

  • Mark Phillips - 1 year ago

    People say cannbis is bad it's a gateway but it's not it's a natural thing that our brains already use the plant just boast the effects of our receptors in our brain that's why it' has no bad side effects on our body's but when we take a pill our brain has to Crete receptors to process the pill that u took and it causes major side effects..
    I deal with axiety disorder PTSD and bi polor manic and when I smoke everything is normal I feel normal I can function IAM not all drugged up on pills.
    Legalize it in North Carolina.... Every other state that has legalized it everything is fine they make their money we get proper medicine

  • Sam - 1 year ago

    I have been smokin weed since I was 12 and now that I’m on probation and can’t smoke I have trouble sleeeping and eating weed ain’t bad it hasn’t killed anyone we all just get the munchies gets tired laugh and become creative

  • Gina - 1 year ago

    From the research I've done, marijuana would help so many people!
    Yes please make it legal!

  • colonelcannabis - 1 year ago

    Cannabis is the future! If you’re so worried about kids, then that’s an obvious choice. You can’t go buy alcohol unless your 21. Not even aloud in the store unless you’re 21. Sooo, there’s that. I’m in full support of the legalization of Cannabis.

  • Mister - 1 year ago

    So marijuana is so bad but on the list of substances consumed a year I have yet to see any deaths from it, as far as being addictive some people may be but i haven't seen a pot head or heard of one trying to rob someone for a fix. I've heard of meth addicts and crack addicts cause unholy hell for a fix, besides that marijuana has many health benefits an little to none serious side affects but we can't use that cuz it's illegal while it's ok to use a man made medicine to help head ace with possible severe side affects, for every medicine we take to help with something like a headache we are at risk for 15 other symptoms anywhere from dizziness to bleeding in the brain, like yea I'll take my chances?? I couldn't speak for what these people in the state that are against it think about it but I believe their view of marijuana has been distorted possibly by the way they were raised to think of it. It's not easy teaching an old dog new tricks but it is possible.

  • Moe - 1 year ago

    So weed is bad and addictive but what of the tobacco industry, that's far worse with no medical benefits and kills how many people a year.

  • Sr - 1 year ago

    Did they say "arsenic grows in the ground"? Hmm...

  • John - 1 year ago

    Yep, tax it like cigs and booze and stop sending people to jail for it. Win all around.

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