Will Steffy and Liam reunite?


  • Marie - 5 years ago

    Please enough is enough, we all want Hope to get her baby back. Flo, Zoe, Shauna, Reese go rotten in hell for doing this to Hope, it's so so sad to see her going thru this. And for Wyatt you were the only guy I had respect for, but what you did, leave Sally, for one small mistake but you are more of a hypocrite you kiss Flo twice while you were living with Sally she was going to be the best thing. What you are just like your dad, I feel sorry for you when you found out what Flo has done to your brother. Please Sally don't take him back. End this already.

  • AnnieBall - 5 years ago

    This storyline is getting boring and I an going to stop watching this soap for awhile because its a repeat situationjust give Hope and Liam their little girl back and let them be happy once and for all and stop going back and forth with this Hope needs to be happy for once and stop forcing Liam and Steffy back together. Will y'all just out Liam Hope their little girl back together so they can be a happy family and move on.

  • C Jean - 5 years ago

    I am also so fed up with the story lines currently playing over and over every week. The writers have always come down heavily and cruelly on Hope (and Liam). Hope was with him first (engaged at that) and Steffy wanted him for herself and had all the help in the world from her sick mother, Taylor! When Brooke approached Taylor about it, her comment was that they weren't married yet! Then Steffy made it her obsession to get him. Let's also remember that Steffy and Bill were playing around while he was married to Katie - early in that marriage. In later years the writers tried to walk back that they had slept together during the first go around. I remember one episode when he had been in Steffy's bedroom and as he was sneaking out, simple Taylor saw it and was very upset. I've been watching this soap from the first episode way back when! Flo needs to be outed for the lying hypocrite that she is. Hopefully, it happens before her and Mr Moral-Compass sleep together; but really if it happens after, all the better. He let Sally go for such a dumb reason and here he was playing suck-face with Flo 2 mins. after Sally closed the door. Oh heck, these writers must live very unhappy lives because they can't let any couple be in love and forever. Remember that Stephanie told Brooke that she must be the next Matriarch of the family. Well, maybe those writers will let that come to fruition (even if it's with wandering Ridge). If the current story line continues on without the revelation that Baby Beth Spencer is indeed alive, I'll have to walk away from B & B after all these years. Not only do I want that secret to finally see the light of day, but also the baby at home with Hope and Liam. As for Thomas, they can kill him off because is does such a disservice to the previous Thomas, who was much cooler than this nimrod they have now. Also, they can write that girl Zoey off as well. She's a big part in why this secret hasn't come out before now. Start pleasing your die-hard audience or run the risk of seeing a mass exodus! We are all waiting ...

  • Terry - 5 years ago

    Please give hope and Liam back their baby so they can stay together ... soap is getting very boring keeping them apart. Let steffy find her someone else to love

  • Theresa - 5 years ago

    This story line needs to end! Hope, Liam and Beth need to be reunited and Flo needs to fess up. . . I think she could be forgiven, however Lope and Beth need to take a vacation for a week or so. Thomas just needs to go away!

  • Vilincia - 5 years ago

    The writers has made this Hope dumb. IQ a 1.2

  • Shorty - 5 years ago

    Please take that dum assHope off the air she makes the bold and the beautiful uninterested

  • Delanne Posthumus - 5 years ago

    All I can say is your writers must all be unhappy with there lives, because you never have a happy ending it's always drama, and you drag all these situations out so long it's not even worth watching you can miss your show for a month and nothing has changed, and in real life people are not as stupid as you make your characters, please come back to reality.

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