What is the main cause of burnout among employees of health IT vendors and hospital IT departments? (Poll Closed)
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  • Furydelabongo - 2 years ago

    I can understand why people consider work/life balance, workload and time pressure is the issue becasue that is what people feel directly. I would submit that this could be significantly reduced or eliminated if we could only figure out how to handle organizational governance and recruit, train and retain competent management. I worked tirelessly with and for people who shared the mission/vision. Not so much for people who view their current role as a stepping stone or are narcissists and spin-masters. These people shouldn't practice in any industry, let alone one that affects patient outcomes and caregiver satisfaction.

  • Drex Fan - 2 years ago

    I concur with Drex and Anonymous CTO. The swirl caused by lack of governance, lack of decision making, and selective amnesia regarding earlier decisions seems to be getting worse, not better, over the last 5 years.

  • E.P.I.C. D.E.V. - 2 years ago

    At Epic, the highest turnover is among Implementation—those customer-involved folks who likely travel three weeks out of the month. As roles demand less crisis management and fewer rushed meals in Dane County Regional Airport—in order: Technical Services, R&D, QA—it is much easier to craft a long-term, balanced life in America's Dairyland.

    No one is hired to be a manager at Epic. Your "TL" started on the same job as you, likely on the same application, and often still does front line work—but may not have ever managed so much as a PTA meeting.

  • Anonymous CTO - 2 years ago

    I agree with Drex. No governance = no effective execution (everything is a priority and thus nothing gets done fast) = frustration (burnout) for all.

  • Drex - 2 years ago

    Chronic poor governance processes resulting in IT pros working on everything, with daily reprioritization. They work on the stuff they think is most important, or the stuff associated with leaders who howl the loudest. Good governance is rare in healthcare.

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