Are Kyle and Lola HOT or NOT?


  • Kate - 4 years ago

    Boring!! I can’t stand him either.. I FF, every time there on and FF , Sharron and Rey, go plz both Rosales and Kyle the bore as well bk to NY. I like Sharron and Summer.
    Summer will be a great pot stirrer , she definitely brings on the drama. She’s a great young actress,
    Plz go away!!
    But I liked Mia with her drama.
    My opinion this Phillis is great!!

  • Watlig - 4 years ago

    VERY BORING, never liked Lola, what a broke snob

  • Suzanne - 4 years ago

    They are BORING

  • jude - 4 years ago

    Kyle & Lola, Boring!! All she wants to do is cook. Kyle needs more spice in his lifestyle. The Rosales all need to go back to Miami.

  • LadyJ - 4 years ago

    I do not like Lola and Kyle together. Lola is just as bad as Mia. When Kyle was not married she didn't want to have anything to do with him. Maybe she's only interested if the guy is married. I find that relation to be very cold. Brrrr!!!

  • missy - 4 years ago

    very cold, ice cold

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