Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books, or watch the TV series?

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Posted 4 weeks.


  • Jan Prentice - 4 weeks ago

    Thank you, Karen, for starting this wonderful site which I have been following for years. It has been a great comfort to me in my nearly 2 decades struggle to tell people about these wonderful books. Your list encompasses just about everything I have done with little success. So far I have only been successful in introducing 2 people to the books and the series, a friend and a colleague, despite gifting lots of copies. I always hoped I would find someone who would discuss them with me. My support has come from your site and enthusiasm and the Compuserv Books and Writers Community before it ceased public access.

  • Susan Mclaughlin - 4 weeks ago

    I recommend books many times to many people over the years.

  • Carol Ball - 4 weeks ago

    Always trying to get people interested in Outlander! My future daughter in law is hooked- and so is her fiancé,my son! Well- he watches it with her- and so does my husband with me! I tell anyone how good it is! And meet new friends who love it! It’s the best. And- I live in Scotland- bonus!!

  • Cathy - 4 weeks ago

    I finally got my sister-in-law hooked. She (and my brother!) binge-watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and are now watching 3 and 4 on Starz on-drmand! I’m trying to get her to read the books now.

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