Do you care more about the NBA Finals or Stanley Cup Final?

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  • Hockey is bettt - 7 months ago

    Wow a lot of crybabies in here blaming Bettman and the NHL for American teams succceeding. There’s only seven Canadian teams people and what like three made the playoffs one of them wasn’t a proven playoff team (flames) the other didn’t show up and we’re beaten by the team currently on a roll in the final (blues) and the other hasn’t won a playoff series in fifteen years. Babcock is like 1-8 in his last 9 first rounds or something. I’m all for people cheering on the raptors and Canada getting behind them like the jays s few years ago but blame the Canadian nhl teams and not the refs Bettman and sound like some co soirscy theorost just because your team sucks. Why does nationality even matter so much anyway cheer for Canada in international tournaments most American teams are made up of Canadians anyway. And the comment about most American fans botnknowing what a deke or icing is. What a load of crap every American city sells out all playoff games and can be heard vocally booing when an icing is missed and such because each team has thenhardcore fans and if it wasn’t for USA the nhl wouldn’t even exist.

  • Suzanne Everett - 7 months ago


  • afgd - 7 months ago

    Bored with NHL and their over-catering to American teams. Salary cap and revenue sharing basically siphoning money from Canadians into American hands. Only 7 teams in Canada 24 in the USA half of those whose fans wouldn't know what a deke, icing or two way pass all mean and should be relocated.

    American NHL clubs can win their meaningless trophy over and over again, I've given enough money and time to them as if I paid for business class but got the exit seats in economy. I'd much rather watch a new sport with a fresh and exciting Canadian team in the Raptors that isn't force fed through our mouths as if it's some Canadian pastime when it's a fully American owned and operated trojan horse.

  • Maureen Campbell - 7 months ago

    @nbacanada doing a fantastic job getting the country behind the Raptors, not just Toronto. They are also a Canadian Team not just a TO team.

  • Leo Rautins - 7 months ago

    As long as Howard Kelsey is not involved in any future possible return of the Vancouver Grizzlies, then the City should get a team in the future.
    Kelsey, is all about himself and trashed the Raptors every season, he’s mad jay Triano was award a senior management position with the griz over him back in the beginning..!

  • Chris Berube - 7 months ago

    Don't care Hockey Basket ball football baseball all the same Spoiled brats who don't show for half the game they played Been a professional driver for over 52 years and if I wasn't 100%focus EVERY SECOND and not giving all I have I would be without a job pretty quick and all that for not much money compared to those slackers Not worried my precious time

  • SN - 7 months ago

    Even if Leafs were in the Stanley Cup finals, Raptors would still be favorite as it is historical moment for basket ball in Canada....Also, Hockey is bit slower and boring at times...but basketball is fast and full of energy!

  • RUTHANN MACAULAY - 7 months ago


  • Ben W - 7 months ago

    I don't even watch basketball during the season, watch hockey year round, but NBA finals is more exciting and interesting. In my mind the parity is killing the playoffs. It leads to more story lines in the regular season but turns the playoffs into a coin toss which taken at face value seems more intriguing but results in a loss of star power. The NHL is an entertainment buisness and eliminating or failing to showcase your top talent/most marketable assets is not the best recipe for sustained success. Bergeron v. Tarasenko will never draw viewers like Curry v. Leonard or a hypothetical Mathews v. McDavid. Powerhouse teams that the entire league tries to unseat is more intriguing than a coin toss playoffs from my point of view. I would support the NHL moving towards a more soft salary cap.

  • Marg - 7 months ago

    NHL referees have made the playoffs a joke.
    Big Boy hockey = Zero skill hockey

  • Horis - 7 months ago

    Haven't watched a single game since the Leafs Bruins game 7. If the NHL wants to jerk around Canadian teams with their dumb standings (which doesn't even make sense), they can find another sucker. I'm officially a new basketball fan...Lets Go Raptors!

  • Frank Hannig - 7 months ago

    hockey with American teams always winning the cup has become soooooooo boring. The NBA finals with the Raptors competing is about as exciting and fun as any sport spectacle.

  • Jim - 7 months ago

    Bettman is gonna make sure his bruins win

  • Udyd - 7 months ago


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