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  • Mitka Alperovitz (Vancouver) - 3 months ago

    The Claaaaaaaw!

    Jeff Pidgeon as the pizza planet aliens

  • Harrison Draper - 3 months ago

    Tim Allen's Buzz Lightyear would win for me any day of the week, I'm sure most would feel this way. Since this is the case I had to go other and my pick is Kelsey Grammer's Stinky Pete. Stinky Pete is such an amazing villain in the series and Grammer brings next level voice acting to the role. His change in tone from a sympathetic leader of misfits to a greedy, power hungry individual that wants to revive his fame relies solely on Grammer's delivery of each line. Pete uses his soft spoken and lovable attitude to manipulate those around him. It's easy to see why Jessie is on his side for a majority of the film. Grammer blows away this role and elevates Stinky Pete to one of the best villains throughout the Pixar universe. I was hoping we'd see a small cameo in Toy Story 3, and I'm sure I'll be disappointed again we I see the fourth, but here's some live for Stinky Pete. I hope Amy is treating you well and hasn't given you a tragic makeover.

  • Alfredo Gutierrez - 4 months ago

    I believe Hamm to be one of the funnier characters in the toy story universe. When I think of speaking pigs in film, I think of Hamm.

  • Jon - 4 months ago

    It wouldn’t be Toy Story without the high pitched anxiousness which Rex manages to inject into the scenes he’s in.

  • David Terraso - 4 months ago

    Every action story needs a good villain and Lots-O-Huggin’Bear is up there with some of the late great Stan Lee’s best. He’s got a motivation that begins with a slight and over compensates to be truly twisted.

  • Ryan Redfield - 4 months ago

    As much as I like Tim Allen as buzz, I think he should’ve been left off like woody was. My vote is for the person that’s had a part in every Pixar movie- John ratzenberger. His voice is iconic and he is great as hamm.

  • Tom Morris - 4 months ago

    Jim Varney as Slinky Dog is the best supporting performance. One of these days Filmspotting will do an Ernest movie marathon! His vocal performance is great. You believe that he trust Woody and he’s an older toy. The recent reveal that Andy’s dad was the original owner (Andy Sr) of three toys (Woody, Ham and Slinky) is tragic. Slinky is the toy that probably understand the difference

  • Bruce Batchelor-Glader - 4 months ago

    I just had to give it up for John Ratzenberger's voicing of Ham, the voice that launched a legacy of Pixar finding a way to get him into every film then and thereafter, including his standout turn as The Underminer in The Incredibles 2. Really, when has a voice talent become an indispensable component of an entire animation studio's output? It's actually become a game of "Guess the Ratzenberger" every time I watch a new Pixar flick. (And sometimes I miss him entirely until I check the cast list and rewatch the movie.)

  • Thomas Pashko - 4 months ago

    I was just thinking the other day about Buzz Lightyear and how I see him as entirely his own "person," giving his own performance, as opposed a Tim Allen performance. This can happen with great vocal performances, but I feel like it's more true with this character than almost any other I can think of, including Hanks' Woody. I'm not particularly a fan of Allen or his onstage/onscreen persona, but with Buzz, he achieves something so outside his comfort zone and makes it seem effortless. It's a great example of casting against type, and really illustrates what a great ear Pixar have for casting. Tim Allen shouldn't work in that role, but he absolutely does. He walks such a fine line; Buzz starts off as a caricature of a space hero, completely lacking in self-awareness. Allen (along with the writers and animators) manage to take that character on an arc that involves him achieving self-awareness, struggling with it, denying it, then eventually accepting and embracing it; but they never stop playing it as the guy he's introduced as, a space-age boyscout.

  • Eric Hauter - 4 months ago

    I just took a snip of the current survey results, which I will forward via email. They show Toy Story 2's Jessie in the lead with a solid 100% of the vote (I think I may the first voter). Regardless, this poll is ridiculous nonsense. Buzz - as the co-lead of the films, and I don't care what you say to the contrary - should not be listed. And then stupid Lots-O'Huggin' Bear? Really? Micheal Keaton's Ken doll deserves to be on there more than Lotso. Rex! Hamm! Mrs. Potato Head! The little alien dudes!
    But honestly, no matter who you put on the list, it will always be Jessie by a mile. She is the heart and soul of franchise at this point, and no other animated scene will ever destroy my soul with the sharpened poignancy of the "When She Loved Me" sequence in Toy Story 2. Coco came close, but Toy Story 2 retains the "Cartoon that made me cry" prize, and that's all because of Jessie, rootin and tootin and smiling through the pain.

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