What beer design do you prefer? http://snurl.com/4mq6l or http://snurl.com/4mq81

  • Angesom (at Designer) - 13 years ago

    Hi Jacob,I know it is late now.But I prefer the brown one.It is much more contemporary and modern.Nice typography as well.By the way,it is very good to have your link.It really helps me a lot.I have learned so many stuffs from you.Currently i am doing my second year HND in Graphic Design.I have attached my blog address.Please have a look and give me some comments.Thanks for your time in advance.

  • Franky - 13 years ago

    The brown design fits the target group.

  • Rob Barrett - 13 years ago

    I pretty much agree with everything that Nick just said. The green looks like a cheapish German-style beer (nothing wrong with that, just depends on your market), but given that this is intended for a boutique beer, I'd have to say the brown design. Although, again in agreement, it's hard to read the name of the beer.

  • Jacob Cass - 13 years ago

    I should let everyone know that I have already chosen the brown design already (about 3 weeks ago as I had to, based on other reviews) but I was curious to get feedback from everyone else... the brown design does reflect the brief more, and the fact that double hopped beer is usually dark in colour makes it a far superior choice. Thanks for your feedback but boy am I thirsty!

  • Nick Shipes - 13 years ago

    Jacob... based on your details I'd lean even more with the brown design as it's contemporary and more closely exemplifies quality and sophistication. Also considering the targeted age range, who usually prefer a higher quality beer, the brown most definitely works the best. The green would work better for an everyday beer targeted more towards the younger consumers (

  • Rajesh Pancholi - 13 years ago

    Brown - smooth - velvet feel, Seen too many Green bottles standing on the wall... I digress... clean sensitive design, slightly up market.... clean labelling, I'm thirsty!!!

  • Jacob Cass - 13 years ago

    The funny thing about the brown design is that it looks great on some monitors but on others it is way too dark... calibrated monitors look great :) Anyway I do agree with you it can get lost.

    Possibly a single bottle, rather than the pack of beer may work.

    Thank you for your feedback all.

  • Sonofantal - 13 years ago

    From a design perspective, the brown is without a doubt more contemporary and elegant. I also get the feeling of "micro-brew" from the brown design, but I can't place my finger on why.

  • leslie - 13 years ago

    I love the text in the brown one but I almost think there is too much with all the bottles, the print on the packaging and the words on the left.

  • Kim - 13 years ago

    I like the brown strictly from a design stand point, but I agree with the previous comment. Without knowing the product it is difficult to make a choice on the branding. Both are very nice, but each with their own feel.

  • Chris Bishop - 13 years ago

    I like the Brown design better because it doesn't feel so static. Only issue I have with the brown is it is a little on the dark side, the subject seems to get a little lost it not in good lighting.

    Just my $0.02

  • Jacob Cass - 13 years ago

    Maybe I should have described the design...

    Produce a graphic identity for a new beer product, Gruen Beer. Present artwork for a front and back label, cap and optional neck label to suit a 375ml beer bottle. Present 2 concepts. Below is some specifics.

    * Gruen Beer is produced in Australia for export use.
    * The beer is the Double Hopped kind (ie. how a beer can be an Ale, Bitter, Lager, etc.)
    * The design must target the 25 years+ age group (boutique beer market) in the British or US markets.
    * The designs should convey a sense of quality and tradition which and also be comfortable in a contemporary environment.
    * The labels must include all legal requirements.

  • liam - 13 years ago

    I voted brown, as it looks more elegant and unique. The green looks great for sure if it were on its own I'd say it were amazing, but next to the brown one its overshadowed.

  • Nick Shipes - 13 years ago

    I guess a lot of the decision depends on the feel/image that is to be portrayed. The green design is very traditional and resembles the Heineken label (it's the first thing I thought of when seeing it), whereas the brown, which I prefer, has a much more sophisticated feel to it... like the product is much better than your traditional, run-of-the-mill type of beer.

  • Mitternacht - 13 years ago

    The brown one is ├╝ber-stylish.

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