What do you think of our view on heroes at shootings?

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  • Bill Towner - 5 months ago

    Your opinion is terribly skewed. You enter the argument assuming that only gun control can save us from violence. You ignore the 300 million guns in the US that are not used in crime. Of the 1.3 million suppressors in the US, 1.299999 million of them were not used in crimes.

    You ignore the fact that the only thing stopping a mass shooting is the appearance of another gun, and sometimes those guns are in the hands of civilians. Stephen Willeford stopped the Sutherlan Springs church shooting after running barefoot from his house toward the sound of gunfire.

    And most shamefully, you dance in the blood of victims who were slaughtered because they were not allowed the means to defend themselves. You write in the hopes of enacting yet more gun control legislation, to disarm more victims, and perpetuate the cycle of dependency and violence.

  • Jennifer - 5 months ago

    I agree with you only in the fact that yes, those who helped save lives are heroes. However, I don’t agree with you that more gun control would help anything. If you think restricting magazine capacity would do anything, including slow down the shooter, then you are naive and it shows you and others who think the same are not educated when it comes to the subject. It is not guns that are the problem, in fact studies show more lives are actually saved and crimes deterred every year due to defensive gun use. Look to figure out the root issues of why we are seeing a rise of people committing mass murder especially in the last 20-30yrs. Also, the “online” sales, you still have to have the gun shipped to an FFL dealer and go through background checks and abide by the waiting periods, they don’t just get bought online and shipped to your house like some people think. There is way too much misinformation and outright lies coming from the gun control side, politicians, the media and others who haven’t a clue on the subject.

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