Would you support the removal from Guam of non-citizens convicted of misdemeanors? (Poll Closed)

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  • John Cruz - 1 year ago

    I love how everyone is saying we are racist. Has nothing to do with Race, what it has to do is being on a such a small island and government not being able to handle the crime load. If you come here from other islands that is fine (Have a job lined up/ Education/ School/ don't commit crimes). Government and police can handle the local crime, when you start flooding people in from other islands it becomes hard to control. Jail time costs a lot of $$$$$. I also see people saying that people make mistakes, sorry to burst your bubble but committing crimes is no mistake. They are "Choices". I never go to another country or place and act a fool.

  • God - 1 year ago

    I dont agree . If you do ill condem you. These people work hard for a living to earn a living like everyone else. Stop being such hypocrites. Talking about crimes and negative shits
    It happens world wide and segregation is not the answer. Deport those who comitted serious crimes like killing and raping. Not those who has misdemenors. People make mistakes in order to grow but those who refuse to grow change then yes. Create programs to influence love respect integreity and peace . Learn how to work together instead of spreading and causing more reasons to hate. Dont pick on the wijap people cuz those are Gods people . ????

  • George - 1 year ago

    what if a local girl loves a non citizen but a local guy who
    is a cop whos an ex is jealous and wants the non citizen to
    get deported for nothing what so ever but for the local cops amusement?
    some cops here smoke ice its a fact we all know it , life's not fair????

  • Kiana from Chuuk - 1 year ago

    Yall are a bunch of racist assholes! You think that micronesians are the problem? You ever pay attention to the news when it's someone who is "chamorro"? No, I don't think so. Just because a few bad apples make the rest look bad. If we were known for violence and drunkeness, then you all are rapist and family violence supporters cuz your few bad apples. Damn so hypicritical, and forget that you guys ever did anything bad. Sit here and say shit about Trump and you are no different. The topic is clearly asking if it is fair to deport all non--us citizens based off of MISDEMEANOR charges. Misdemeanor means small, minor, petty crimes. So I dont thin your head is in the right place with this. Then propose to me what will make Guam safe from its own people? From people who commit serious crimes over petty crimes.

  • You - 1 year ago

    On Martin Luther King Day (Jan 16th), I was reminded about the various people and wisdom traditions, religions etc that have come up with variations on the theme:

    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    "Hatred never ceases by hatred
    But by love alone is healed.
    This is an ancient and eternal law."
    The Buddha

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
    Jesus of Nazareth

    “What kind of love is this that to another can shift? Says Nanak, True lovers are those who are forever absorbed in the Beloved. Whoever discriminates between treatment held good or bad, is not a true lover - he rather is caught in calculations.”
    The Adi Granth (= the sacred scriptures of Sikhism)

    "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow;
    this is the whole of the Law."
    Hillel the Elder (Jewish Rabbi - born c.110 BCE, died 10 CE)

    "Every enemy is your medicine ... your beneficial alchemy and heart healing."
    Rumi (13th century Sufi mystic and poet)

    “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    There is also what is said to be an ancient pagan proverb:

    “An ye harm none, do what thou wilt”,

    with 4th-5th century Christian philosopher St. Augustine of Hippo making a similar assertion:

    “Love, and do what thou wilt”.

    My question: Were these people and traditions onto something? If so, what? In reality, most of the world's cultures, politicians and people’s, etc, backed by their organised religions, seem ever wedded to revenge, retribution and an eye-for-an-eye thinking, speaking, and actions. So is there really any practical application possible of these ideas?

  • Anthony Evangelista - 1 year ago

    I fully support 100%! No job, no home, no school, nothing but stealing, drunkenness, disrespect, violence, crime etc... deport and bann them from ever re-entering our island!

  • William Chunn - 1 year ago

    All who are making the comments have to think because they are not from Guam. Micronesians are the original residents of Guam so most of you people whining are foreigners in Micronesia. Sorry to say it is deomoratic USA we are all in close ties with. You need to move to Russian or North Korea to appreciate Guam better. Those things continue to happen because your judicial system is weak!

  • Fwen - 1 year ago

    If anyone who isn’t a US citizen who commits a crime should be deported and it's most important to have preventative measures than to worry after the fact. If they were tested for drugs and were found positive then all the federal aids shouldn’t be available to them cause this is how they abuse their stay. Not to mention get lazy and make too much babies to live off the assistance. This is why now it’s a bigger problem.

  • Jane Doe - 1 year ago

    What about those of us who ARE actually trying to make a living?

  • Mary Cruz - 1 year ago

    Maybe if it were done fairly and not just to the Chuukese. I don’t see anyone calling for the deportation of all these Filipino men raping and molesting little kids.

  • Johnson John - 1 year ago

    AlL u peOples r rAciSm 4 mY TrUcKeze peOpLez.
    I Trow RoKs @ U.
    fLyiNg MaShitE

  • A drunk chuckese - 1 year ago

    I LOVE GUAM!!!

  • techs james - 1 year ago

    deport the truckese or we shale kill them by hanging

  • Lei Ya - 1 year ago

    Deport them If they’re not working or in school.

  • Gabe Baker - 1 year ago

    If they are not contributing to the community then why be apart of our community. They should get federal assistance either. This should be reserved for the citizens. Why work or be productive when they come from nothing and now they are able to bleed out the assistance. Deport all the first offenders. It’s cheaper to deport them then to keep them in our jail system

  • Ken - 1 year ago

    Absolutely, since they are not respecting our island and our laws. They are just abusing the COFA agreement and their home islands don't even care.

  • Mermaid*49 - 1 year ago

    Yes I support 100%, but not using Guams fund to transport them,
    It should make the island there from be RESPONSIBLE for there peoples transport.
    So that will atleast get them involved on how there people is, even when they are minors get the parents involved.
    Guam needs to step up and make there rules be obeyed and not stepped around. Ohh yah the popo are not active and vigilant
    Enough to patrol this island full of mixed race. Our public parks are full of drinking irresponsible people start there.
    Why use Guam funds to keep feeding them in jail and deporting them, use ther own government funds.

  • Phillip - 1 year ago

    Misdemeanors are minor offenses. Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor. You don't have to actually be guilty of anything to be detained, just suspected and then if the police determine there's probable cause to arrest you, then can do so. This opens up the door for everyday police on the street to functionally deport non-citizens at-will. You didn't do anything, but you resisted arrest, they get it on video or the police testify against you, you get convicted, you get deported. Think long and hard about whether you believe that is fair or not.

  • Angie - 1 year ago

    100% agree to this! Guam will be much safer if this happens!

  • Michael - 1 year ago

    If you commit crime clearly your brain ain’t all there so yes I agree

  • Vivian - 1 year ago

    In the event they wish to live or enter Guam ???????? there should be a strict policy in effect and enforced that would require them that they have till one year to become productive citizens by either seeking employment or attending school should a crime be committed as first time offenders it would be an automatic deportation for adults. As for teenagers who are extremely beyond control the whole family would have to be deported and that should serve as a wake up call if the parents are not able to control or guide their children . I think this is fair don’t you agree...

  • Michael I Quintanilla - 1 year ago

    We just need to plainly get rid of COFA.. If China wants them , let them have at it ... We have enough of our very own , we need not add more. Not in this lifetime.

  • Irene - 1 year ago


  • Rogelio - 1 year ago

    Heck yeah, I support this, and I really hope it happens!

  • Vince - 1 year ago

    They should be deported even first time offenders

  • Tominy Hartman - 1 year ago

    Yes deport those who made a crime and those who no reason to be here on guam. T.y.

  • Larry J. Manibusan - 1 year ago

    They commit the crime they should be deported..

  • Felix Sucaldito - 1 year ago

    Face Jail Time plus deportation.

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